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    This is my collection of the most useful, educational, uplifting, inspirational, funny, and silly stuff that I have found!

    My desire is that it saves you time, energy, and money and assists in your pursuit of good health, happiness, love, joy, prosperity, and success as much as it does for me.

    This is my written content.

    I have restarted my blog at this new location. My writing has now become all about law of attraction and metaphysics.

    I write about the topic of mind science from my point of view as a student of the game, to help out like-minded readers understand the subject better.

    (To think all of this started as a weight loss blog back in 2011! How things change.)

    This is my audio content.

    I have restarted my audio show at this new location. My aim is to use my personality, energy, and voice to make a fun light-hearted audio content for you, as I share what I am learning and experiencing in life as a student of metaphysics.

    (Still in the process of figuring out how to record and getting better at it! So gimme some time and your patience!)