Hi There,

Welcome to my website. I hope you are doing awesome!

I am a student of metaphysical topics such as Law of Attraction, Mind Science, Affirmations, Energy Medicine, and things like that. I also love business, investing, technology, and self-development tools and techniques.

I like to say that the two most influential folks in my life have been Louise Hay and Warren Buffett.

Louise Hay and HayHouse introduced me to all of the various spiritual and metaphysical teachings. Louise taught me that I can heal my life and about affirmations and mirror work, among many other things.

Warren Buffett has served as a role model for the type of person I aim to emulate. Prosperous, classy, generous, smart, humble, light-hearted, does what he loves, very focused, life-long learner, is great at what he does, and is very wise and quotatious!

I am also a big time Abraham-Hicks fan and student. Law of Attraction is my all time favorite topic. Love Esther & Jerry Hicks.

The content of this site has changed many times over the years and I expect it to change many times in the future, but the purpose and vision remain the same. To uplift myself and like-minded folks with what I am learning in my life. Sharing all the wonderful things that have helped me become happier, healthier, wiser, and more prosperous.

This current version of the website simply contains content that I find useful for myself. And I believe folks who are similar to me will also find it super beneficial. It is a sort of a repository of all the content that I could gather that helped me out the most in my entire life thus far.

I have collected all of my favorite quotes, my own personal google docs and google sheets that I use to change my thinking, favorite books, favorite products, best most informational youtube videos that are educational and inspiring, entertaining & lighthearted youtube videos that make me smile, songs that I love, and things like that.

The basic premise of this site is to be high vibrational.

I hope you also find it useful and uplifting!


If you need help with anything, shoot me an email: (admin @ deepaknair.com).

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http://loadeepak.com (my written content / blog)
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