Ultimate Health Toolkit

These are all my health tools.
My trade secrets.

All the vitamins, supplements, & herbs I personally like and use. Also all the alternative & complimentary healing modalities I’m into.

I’ve tried nearly every pill, potion, and powder I can get my hands on over the years and believe the ones below are the best of the best. Safe, multipurpose, beneficial for all, high quality, trustworthy brands.

The healing modalities below took me a good while to find, research, and finally understand. I will list the top thought leaders in each field so you can go to them directly rather than waste time searching in the wrong corners.

(The ultimate main tool for good health, of course, is to love yourself, think good thoughts, and eat healthy food, like Louise Hay would say.)

Vitamins & Supplements

Magnesium (general health, affects everything, top mineral, depression)
Fish Oil (general health, brain health, depression)
Probiotics (general health, gut health, depression)
5-HTP (serotonin, depression)
Tyrosine (dopamine, depression)
B Complex (energy, depression)
B12 (energy, depression)
Niacin (anxiety, depression, cholesterol)
Vitamin D (general health, affects everything, depression)
Coffee cold brewed (energy, depression, less acidic, caffeine can have side effects)
Castor Oil Packs (all purpose healing, liver, digestion, lymph, immune system, externally applied)

Chinese Superior Tonic Herbs

He Shou Wu
Goji Berries
(and many others)

Ayurvedic Tonics

Triphala (all purpose digestive aid)
Holy Basil

Gadgets & Misc:

1. Far Infrared Sauna (depression, general health)
2. 10,000 Lux Lightbox (depression, S.A.D.)
3. Full Spectrum Bulbs (depression, general health, S.A.D.)
4. Cold Showers (depression, energy, general health)
5. Heartmath Heart Rate Variability

Mental & Emotional Health

1. Emotional Freedom Technique
2. The Emotion Code
3. Morning Pages
4. CBT, The Work, Reframing
5. Chanting
6. Meditation
7. Visualization
8. Breathwork
9. Affirmations
10. Mirror Work

Qigong & Vibrational Medicine

1. Spring Forest Qigong
2. Solfeggio Tones
3. Energy Clearing

Food & Diet

1. Blood Type Diet (Low Lectins)
2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Yin & Yang Energy of Food)
3. Bone Broth (Super healing, Jing, Kidney, Bone, Hair, Gut, Skin)
4. Congee (digestion, healing)
5. Fermented Food (as tolerated, gut health)
6. Fasting (gives body time to heal)
7. Proper Hydration with added Sea Salt

Environmental Health

1. Feng Shui (Bagua, Clutter Clearing, Space Clearing)
2. Houseplants (Oxygen, Removes Chemicals, Live Wood Energy)
3. Air Purifiers

Personality Analysis

1. Myers Briggs
2. Astrology
3. Highly Sensitive Person
4. Empaths
5. Nine Star Ki
6. Chinese Five Elements

Law of Attraction

1. Abraham Hicks
2. Neville Goddard
3. Joe Dispenza
4. (the rest)

(Always conduct your own research & consult your healthcare practitioner before doing anything I recommend.)