Nice Comments Wall of Fame

I want to thank the dozens (and the rock means DOZENS!) of nice comments left by you.

Wanted to share some of them here so that I can get pumped up whenever I’m feeling down & out.

Thanks guys!

Let’s get some social proof up in here:

Just stumbled across your blog by the keywords bill clinton hsp (yes, I have an unresonably passionate relationship to Googleling) and recognized the notion of not beeing able to let go of someone elses embaressment. However on the point of diet I have been eating LCHF for 4 years now and it helps me to ballance my energy, wich has changed my life. I am not over weight but I know it can help the mayority of people with that issue to. This diet is really big in Sweden where i live. Send me an email if you want to know more. Cheers ;)
– David

Hi Deepak,
Congrats on going to a movie solo. I do it once and a while. I also always travelled solo: across Japan, across Europe, Australia, and south east asia. Travel is the best education and can really make you learn a lot about yourself.

I just left a long comment on an old post of yours from 2012 because I listened to your video on ‘Online Marketers are Shit’ and was quite touched by your story. After I left that long comment, I saw that you have a whole blog on your journey since then and that you’ve lost 85 pounds! Well done! I am glad to see you have come so far. I really admire that you find your source of power IN source and in reading. I have read about half of all the books on your list. My biggest hurdle was always shyness. I overcame that in my 20’s and now it is just self-confidence; I am trying to succeed with a handmade accessories business ( I am pretty much at a low point right now and I can’t believe how inspiring it is to find a blog like yours. I am at my heaviest weight-wise, have fell back down to the biggest amount of debt that I had worked hard to climb out of 3 years ago, am unemployed, and facing a lot of fears in seeking full-time work after 2 years working part-time for myself. I really admire your courage in putting so much of your inner self in public and just want to say that it’s worth it; you have inspired and helped me today. Thank-you and keep it up! I think you are a great spirit.
– Christine

Hi Deepak,
It’s 2015 and I just stumbled upon your video on Youtube and gave it a listen because the title made me smile. I have often thought most online marketers are shit. Your naivety in buying their expensive products made me sadly smile; I think anyone who can afford to spend so much on such stuff is already earning enough money to invest; and the only ‘secret’ to meeting women is simple friendly charm; but it was a part of your spiritual quest. Your reaching a kind of enlightenment and ending up talking about the works of great intellectuals and even of source was a surprise and delight at the end. I’m very happy for you. I was lucky to have discovered the ‘elite’ Ralph Waldo Emerson while in high-school. I read ‘Self-Reliance’ to get me through those tough days, and it stuck with me for many years. I found ‘source’ at the end of a long journey that started with me ditching Christianity, then through Eastern religions, to western philosophy, discovering Kierkegaard (a Christian philosopher) and re-gaining some Christian beliefs (faith and prayer), then to esoteric philosophy after reading Gilles Deleuze’ ‘Difference and Repetition’ at the same time as reading ‘The Holographic Universe’ (and the massive coincidence that the two books mirrored the same idea), and now I, too, am a huge believer in source and follower of Abraham/Ester Hicks. It was beautiful to hear about your journey and I am glad you have ended up at the right place. I have had MASSIVE ‘coincidences’ in my life thanks to the power of trusting in source, in visualising, and in living life with a sense of love and compassion for everyone/thing. I think that as time goes on more and more people will feel they can start to talk about this ‘secret’ and be less ostracised. I found it very surprising indeed how old the ‘secret’ is, with so many books written on it so long ago. I am grateful I stumbled upon your video to remind me to keep believing and loving; it wasn’t at all what I expected to find in a video called ‘Online Marketers are SHIT!’ haha! I hope you have continued to remember to trust in source as well. Cheers! :)

– Christine

This was very very encouraging. I felt like I was on the journey with you. I now know all of these emotions are not foreign.
– Sherri re The Emotional Rollercoaster of Losing -39lbs in 40 Days (HCG Diet)

I love this post. Thanks so much. Honesty is so refreshing and inspires me alot more than anyone’s perfection haha. Life is a journey. It’s great when we can actually share that with others, up down and sideways. Nice!
– Nicole re 5-Day Juice Fast & Colon Cleanse Results

Your face looks healthier compared to a year ago. Keep up the good work.
– Jonathan Harchick via youtube re driving, running errands

great video! cleaning up your home is definitely away to clear your space and mind.
– kdreama via youtube re depression & fun 2 tools

ty 4 sharing i find it amazing luv and peace to you
– dawn belair via youtube re heartmath video

found your podcast last Friday… been loving it. Great stuff, man!
– @CdotPRATT

I discovered your blog through a random emwave search. Finding that we are going through a similar journey.
– @wtfphilo via twitter

This is a fantastic post, thank you Deepak! I was able to move 3 of my blogs from GoDaddy to BlueHost and these instructions were vital for me to be successful. Thanks again!
– jeffmurnan re transfer hosting from godaddy to bluehost

– Matthew via email re #1 tool to get out of a super rut

Hey Deepak, Tony here. Used to live in Chicago in uptown area. Thanks for sharing cool stuff on your blog.
– Tony via email re 3 ways ayahuasca changed my life

Super post. You definitely got and give ‘the feel’ of “the map is not the territory.”
– Bruce re the map is not the territory

I enjoy checking in on your blog now and then. Very helpful info about weight loss. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
– Nancy re my new comprehensive weight loss post

Terrific video! I hope you get many hits. I agree that everyone should get a device like this one in order to enhance their well-being, mental peace and therefore boost their performance and how they treat others. I plan to make sure this video is linked on the bulletproof exec’s (Dave Asprey) blog and in the Joe Rogan forum.
– cogrick2 re Emwave Meditation Software Tutorial

I’m glad i’m subscribed to you, you make some great videos.
– NonSequiturMedia via youtube re Why America is Still a Beacon of Hope

Your new confidence (which was there all along) is amazing, you, good sir, are an inspiration homie. Cant wait to embark on my own journey.
– mizzo3000 via youtube re: I went for 1hr walk video

Hi Deepak, I came across your blog and your post on Inner Game. It was very nice. I tried to comment on it but it didn’t go through three times. I thought about giving up, but then I thought I would just send you an email since I like your writing style. I like what you wrote about being the sun and solar system, letting all the girls and friends revolve around you.
– Siva Malladi via email

your honesty is refreshing
– NonSequiturMedia via youtube re i went for 1hr walk

You are a funny man just thought it was worth telling you
– Sam B via yelp

Although I’m not a newbie, you are sharing great stuff. I totally agree with what you have concluded.
– MrHardCash via youtube re online marketers are full of shit

love how your article shows the relation between all the different topics that I’ve been researching. IM, LOA, psychedelics, etc
– @underhilladam via twitter re online marketers are full of shit

Thank you for this video…seriously..thank you..blessed be..
– mahimamiracle via youtube re video for my good friend

Wow, amazing progress Deepak!…and congrats on your weight loss and life upgrades.
– @bulletproofexec Dave Asprey re Week 12 Weight Loss

Super super super cool man, I thoroughly enjoyed this video and greatly appreciate you for taking the time to make this and describing in such detail as you did. I’m thinking about trying ayawasca, but maybe I should do shrooms here in the states 1st.
– jeff lemus via youtube re My Ayahuasca & Mushroom Experiences

Lol cracks me up!!
– Tmcoke via youtube re My Hungover Vid Podcast attempt after Ayahuasca

The blending without water bit is actually quite funny! Before reading that bit, I was wondering how your smoothie could possibly have tasted like cut grass.
– Skaterzoner re Green Smoothies & Juicing

Keep up the good work with your weight loss ambition! These are some great ideas.
– Amit re How to Lose Weight – The Deepak Nair Diet

I enjoyed exploring your website. You seem to have a positive outlook on life which is great. I think you would like a book called “The Wellness Paradigm” by Dr. Chestnut. Good luck to you on your future and keep making the most out of life!
– Kamal re How to Work with Our Shadow

Dude your Hero’s Journey video is so profound. Resonated with me and really solidifies the journey I’ve been on the past 4 years
– @underhilladam via twitter

Hey Brother just listened to you Podcast about your Plant Medicine Voyage. Great job! Thanks for sharing. I’m starting my journey
– @mikesearsdesign via twitter

Glad I found your post! Pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling for the last 5 years…I fixed and flipped my share of properties that were profitable but had a few that cost me lots of money. I also bought a 4-plex rental that I sunk a bunch of money into that I’ll never see again.
– John re Real Estate Investing Sucks

That was such a good article ! Very encouraging and I totally get it! I’m in the same boat on the same journey and getting back on the wagon can just be as easy as falling off. After I have a “free day” I normally feel crappy and I’m ready to stock to juicing for a bit longer. So eventually once we make more good decisions than bad, that’s when life will change. Thanks so much ! Moriah
– MoeFlo re 5-Day Juice Fast & Cleanse Results

Thx a ton! This post was my guiding light in the switch process over the weekend. I’m sure it saved me a bunch bunch bunch of time! Appreciate your thoroughness.
– @thisjed re Transfer Hosting From Godaddy to Bluehost

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject….i agree with u 100%..
– mahimamiracle via youtube re Fiction & Non-Fiction Are The Same

Discovered your “Online Marketers are Full of Shit (& Other Success Lessons)” last night. Outstanding. Truly your “10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job”. Powerful stuff, man. Extremely well done. (This is not sarcasm.)
– @spencerozbun via email

hey man, enjoyed your video on your ayahuasca journey
– lpark847

just found your blog, very interesting read!. agreed about getting laid by heaps of chicks will truly not make you happy.
– David

you’re very insightful keep it up
– Andre Wallin via youtube re Become a Belief Thief

Screw everyone else. Good discussion man, keep em comin.
– Nick Grubbs via youtube re NSync Music Vid Analysis

holy shit, seeing this only now. wow the video actually had my heart racing. perfect length.
– @abhilashnair re Starcraft II video via twitter

thank you so much for this vid, you helped me so much :)
– Majed Majec via youtube re buy cheap books on amazon

Hey! From Joliet..crazy!! Thanks for sharing!
– doggy255 via youtube re ayahuasca & mushroooms

Hey dude i came across your vids on ayahuasca recently (they were cool btw) which led to me your website, and I see that you have stuff about weight loss on there. I thought i’d share a diet/lifestyle that has worked (still working too) for me. check it out and message back if u have any questions about it, it can be a little overwhelming at first. some links to youtube vids about it:

80/10/10 fundamentals. Raw Vegan 101. The basic stuff. #173

Durianrider’s Beginner Tips For Starting The 80/10/10 Diet

How to Avoid 80-10-10 Pitfalls – Dr Doug Graham

Book on the diet:
– bigjoecf via youtube

your dope dude!
– allmotorjkj via youtube re im a multitheist

Good video
– Jonathan Harchick via youtube re TDNP#49

Good thoughts. You make me laugh while reading it (in positive way). In some points of their life people will get bored of their daily routines. Thats why people need a new things to do but you can not always be able to escape you routines. So you stuck with it. I am a housewife. I live in jakarta indonesia. I used to be a corporate lawyer but now i am just a housewife. Being a housewife is not “just” actually. But i can not helped getting bored of my routines.
– Nis2 re the map is not the territory


I really appreciate all the nice words by you guys.

It fuels me to know that there are others in the universe who like my work and actually take the time to leave a comment to let me know.

I also appreciate the quiet ones who don’t leave comments but think nice thoughts!

I accept positive energy in all forms!


I wish you a great day!

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Matt Perry December 10, 2013 at 1:42 pm

I found your podcast awhile back and have heard every word you’ve said. Great stuff, Man!


Deepak Nair December 14, 2013 at 11:38 pm

Thanks dude. This comment helped while I was having a difficult time the other day. If you ever have feedback or any certain topics you wanna hear, feel free to shoot me a msg/email. Have a good wknd!


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