My Mission Statement & A Word of Warning

My Mission Statement 1.0

To constantly strive for self-improvement & happiness in all aspects of my life (health, wealth & relationships). To be truthful, successful, humble, optimistic & moral. To help out as many fellow travelers as possible by sharing my truths artfully, humorously and oftentimes profitably!

A Word of Warning 1.0

1) I know nothing

Everything I’m saying could be false since I’m still learning & always will be. I’m constantly erasing my old beliefs and installing newer better ones = upgrading my mental operating system.

It could be entirely possible that what I’m saying now could be outdated & incorrect by the time you read it.

Just like I hated broccoli & The Beatles when I was in high school and would’ve bet a million dollars I’d hate both of those for the rest of my life – the things I’m swearing by as truths now could just as easily be rebuked later in life.

Today, broccoli is my favorite vegetable & I appreciate The Beatles!

Please take anything I’m saying with a grain of salt. Make up your own minds.

2) Don’t do anything I say

I use this blog as a form of self-expression & it makes me feel important. I also use it to hone my writing & thinking. I’m naturally a very negative & pessimistic person and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life that way.

I learned that if I write & speak positively, I can rewire my brain to be more positive & optimistic = lead a happier life.

You’ll notice I’ll often talk about how to do things or live life: like using psychedelics, how to lose weight or how to invest in stocks.

Don’t do anything I say!

You must do your own research and follow your own path. What’s good for me may not be good for you, and vice versa.

I’m just preaching my current truth, which could change in the future.

3) I’m not a saint

Obvious but just want to clarify that my main goal is to improve my self & be happy. I also like sharing anything that has improved my life with you.

Just because I don’t talk about all the negative things that happen in my life doesn’t mean they don’t happen!

I’m human. I’m a hypocrite. I’m a pervert. I can be a sloth. I’m messy. I’m verbose. I repeat myself. Did I mention I’m redundant? I’m selfish. I’m arrogant. I can be prideful about myself & look down on others. I sometimes lie (ask me what I think of your new haircut).

I can’t list all my flaws here as they would be embarrassing for me to write and doubly embarrassing for you to read.

But all of us have a shadow side we suppress. All of us have “bad” thoughts & behaviors. That’s just how it is. I’m no different.

Just because I choose to focus on positive things as much as possible on this site and in my works doesn’t make me any better than you. Most likely, I’m probably much worse than you when it comes to most things.

4) I aim to make massive wealth

I like sharing knowledge & being as truthful as possible. I also don’t like people taking advantage of others for financial gain. I don’t like manipulation, garbage products, hype, etc.

With that said, I’m no saint. One of my chief aims in life is to make massive wealth. I like the freedom it brings. I want to be able to do whatever I want, live wherever I want and be the master of my destiny.

And at some point, I will sell something: whether it’s an ebook, audiobook, videos, niche sites, advertising, affiliate marketing, whatever. Or I may even start an Indian restaurant & constantly hound you to eat there. Who knows?

Of course, currently this site has a few affiliate links but not many. A lot of the links pointing to amazon are usually affiliate links – meaning if you choose to buy a book or something, I’ll get a few pennies or a few dollars (if I’m lucky!).

But a good majority of the outbound links are not affiliates. Mainly because I’ve become too lazy to worry about that. It’s just much funner to do whatever I feel like doing without worrying about making sure each link is an affiliate.

I’ll also probably ask you at some point to join my email list so that I can keep in touch with you when I do have something to sell. I’ll try to do that artfully so that you don’t get annoyed but I’ll do it nonetheless. Don’t worry, it’ll be double-opt-in with an easy one-click unsubscribe. I’m no savage!

Or maybe it’ll be single opt-in if I feel like that’s more profitable. Who knows what the future holds!

So I’m no Mother Teresa is what I’m trying to say. I don’t plan on selling out, unless I get desperate enough – then all rules are out! I hope I never have to get to that point though.

You can either wish me luck (which would be much appreciated) or buy my future products. Or do both for extra brownie points! Or neither if that’s what makes you happy. Doesn’t really matter as long as both of us are happy, right?

All the best!

Date: 10.22.12