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Book 1: How To Get Out of Bed When You’re Depressed
Book 2: HCG Diet

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How To Get Out of Bed When You’re Depressed

How To Get Out of Bed When You're Depressed
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One morning I woke up and found myself unable to get out of bed.

I immediately recognized the situation. It was the BIG DEPRESSION. *dun dun dun*

I had to pee badly, but I just laid in bed, under the covers, staring at the ceiling for the whole day.

Not only can we not physically move on days like these, our minds are also swarming with the most negative thoughts and memories. You cannot remember anything good. That part of the brain gets shut down.

It was bright and sunny outside but my apartment felt dark and gloomy, as if a Dementor was nearby, sucking the life and joy out of everything in the room.

This is the worst part about depression.
Rock bottom. Days when you cannot get out of bed.
If you’re lucky, this will only last a few hours or a day. Often, these symptoms can last for weeks and even months.

That’s what I found out after years of being stuck. You can get unstuck whenever you want.

Every time I got out of bed, I would write down exactly what I did.
When I had the energy, I would read hundreds of books and scour the internet for ways to stay out of this depressive hole. The next time I was stuck in bed, I’d try out a new method. Some things worked, many did not.

Eventually I created a way out that was foolproof.
It worked every single time. The only catch was that when I’m depressed, I could never remember exactly how I got out. Thus a cheat sheet was born that I kept saved on my laptop and phone. “In case of emergency, do this.”

Then, I thought of sharing my techniques in this book to help others who are also needlessly suffering.

There are no prescription drugs involved in this book.
No expensive therapy. No blood tests. No doctor visits.

All those things are fine and can play a part in your recovery, but this is a do-it-yourself method. Plus, there’s nothing a doctor can do if you cannot get out of bed. You have to somehow get to his office, he won’t come to your home to pick you up.

I’m also not going to tell you to do insane things like “exercise vigorously for 30 minutes.” Yes, some well-meaning experts think those types of things work when we’re stuck in bed. Dude, I can’t even get up to pee, you think I have the energy to run around the block?!

The book is also super short, so that you can read it in one sitting.
The last thing a depressed person stuck in bed wants to do is read a 700 page depression book (Yes those exist! I’ve read them all. And no they aren’t very helpful).

The path out of being stuck in bed is fairly simple. You can try it out for yourself.

1. Hope
You need hope that you can get better. Hope is powerful medicine when you’re super depressed. The first chapter gives you a short pep talk to get your engines started.

2. Nonresistance
Fighting against depression makes it worse. Nonresistance is the way out.

3. Chant “I Love Myself”
This technique combines the power of chanting, which crowds out negative harmful thoughts, and the power of loving yourself. It really works.

4. Cold Showers
One of my all time favorite free tricks.

5. Coffee
Caffeine will kick start your body and give you sustained energy for at least 4-6 hours.

This gets you up and moving. Then I include tools and tricks I picked up over 15 years to help ease your depression.

Things like:
DIY Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the form of “The Work”
Heat Therapy
Light Therapy
Vitamins, Amino Acids, Diet, and Gut Health
EFT & Energy Medicine
Forest Therapy
Prayer, Affirmations, and Visualization
Spiritual Connection

Finally, two controversial tools:
Hydrogen Peroxide

Hope this helps you get unstuck.
Best of luck!


PS: If you’re unhappy with the book for any reason, Amazon offers a 7-day money back for Kindle purchases (I won’t mind ;).

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hcgdietbook What This Book is NOT:
This is not a replacement for all the other HCG books & blogs, but rather a compliment. This is the peanut butter to their jelly.

I read a lot of the other HCG books & websites while doing my rounds and found them incomplete. They told me what to do but did not tell me how I’d feel along the way. They provided no support, comfort, or hope to keep going. They provided no real-time tips that I discovered on my own, the hard way.

So I decided to write what was missing and share it with you.

Thus, in this book, you will not find:
– recipes
– meal plan
– worksheets
– dosage rules
– the usual diet info provided by thousands of blogs

I do provide live notes taken while on the journey. It’s like someone backpacking through Thailand and sending you live updates as you get ready for your trip.

You can also read all the info free at my blog.
This book is a more polished version with a table of contents, introduction, and an updated postscript of where I’m at now, 2 years later. I’m charging $0.99 because that’s the lowest allowable price by Amazon, and also so that I can retire rich, makin it rain, from my share of your dollar!


HCG Diet: Diary of How I Lost 82 lbs in 3 Rounds

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