How I’m Losing Weight

Hey guys. Wanted to track my weight loss in a public forum to keep myself accountable and motivated – and possibly help some of you who are also on a similar path.

(updated 3/10/17)

What I’m Doing Now

2017 – Experimenting with High Carb, Low Fat Vegan (Whole-Food Plant-Based)


3/10/17: Don’t Fall For The High Fat Diet Fad

12/13/16: High Carb, Low Fat Diet Experiment (aka HCLF Vegan / Plant Based)

11/27/16: 2 Different Approaches To a Plant Based Diet

Post HCG, I had some trouble maintaining my weight. Initially, the weight went up a little bit, then stayed the same for a year, then all of a sudden went up quite a bit in 2015. I was following a low carb, higher fat type diet, eating as clean as possible. Odd and disappointing.

In hindsight, I think what happened is that my body is very sensitive to high fat diets (as I mention in my posts) and made me gain weight. Since that time, I’ve tried quite a bunch of experiments and am now on a whole-foods plant based diet.

Another hypothesis is that a lot of things were already wrong with my body. Losing that much weight that fast opened the pandora’s box of issues. I don’t know. But there are many others who have lost weight on HCG and kept it off for good.

2013-2014 HCG DIET

before 10.17.13 hcg rd1 11.29.13

hcg rd2 2.23.14 hcg rd3 6.3.14

coming soon TBD 6pack

Round 1
Starting: 298.5 lbs
Fat Load: -0.1
Lost: -38.6 in 40days
Ending: 259.8

+11.0 lbs in 6wks
didn’t cheat. too many calories eaten? too much fatty meat?

Round 2
Starting: 270.8
Fat Load: +1.8
Lost: -34.2 in 40 days
Ending: 238.4

+15.6 lbs in 8wks
did NOT cheat (no junk food).

Possible reasons for gain: low metabolism, low serotonin resulting in carb cravings, too many calories, not enough calories, not enough good carbs, not eating frequent meals, some unknown reason, also did not do as many steak days as prior maintenance

Round 3
Starting: 254.0
Fat Load: +1.8
Lost: -34.6 in 40 days
Ending: 221.2

So far, it’s been 5steps forward, 2steps back with hcg weight loss & maintenance. Hope to solve that using carb cycling.

  • 6/17/14: Sweaty Experiments & Carb Cycling For Weight Loss
  • 10/26/14:
    Summary of maintenance: weight went up a lot first month, now it’s stable and actually going down again.

    June: +16.3 lbs // weight ballooned immediately after round 3. I did zero steak days, experimented with a lot of carbs, and then carb cycling. Didn’t work. Started taking a lot of mood supplements which in turn reduce cravings for carbs. (ie: 5htp, tyrosine, same, st johns wort, etc)

    July: +3.5 lbs // various experiments with carbs and paleo. Started exercising most days: kettlebell swings, bodyweight circuits, long walks, etc

    August: +2.8 lbs // same as above

    September: +2.9 lbs // lower carb, exercise

    October: -6.3 lbs // started lower portions. eating somewhere between paleo & dolce diet. some carbs in the form of gluten free sprouted grain bread + apples/pears/frozen blueberries. sometimes corn tortillas (the kind with no junk ingredients). Started 2x a week heavy weight kettlebell (55lbs) swing for 75 reps. As mentioned in four hour body by Tim Ferriss. Also started brazilian jiu jitsu the last week.

    What’s working now:
    1. Essentially following the principles of Dolce Diet
    – Eat earth grown nutrients
    – Eat 2-4 hours, depending on what i did and what i’m about to do. If working out, I’ll eat extra carbs earlier. I use iphone alarm clock that goes off every 2hrs.
    – Drink 1.5-2.0 gallons of water
    – Eat until satisfied, not until full. This was the biggest mistake I had been making. My portion sizes were way too big. Dolce says you should be able to comfortably jog 45mins after a meal – that finally brought the aha in my mind. Used to eat 4 eggs + ezekiel bread + 1/2 avocado as a meal. Reduced to 2 eggs. No hunger or cravings.

    2. Cooking every meal at home. Zero eating out.

    3. Sleeping regularly every night. Before sleep was erratic. Some days 4am, some days 6am, etc. Now I start getting ready to sleep by 11pm. And wake up by 8am every day. Also use soft ear plugs & face mask to block out sound & light.

    4. Been keeping track of everything i eat, drink, supplements, daily habits, weight, mood, etc for the past year. This has come in handy to review what I’ve done right & wrong.

    5. Now that I’ve reduced portion sizes, weight is dropping again. Exciting. I eat maybe two pieces of carbs a day. 1 ezekiel brown rice bread or corn tortilla with breakfast. 1 apple or pear later in the day with peanut butter. Otherwise, meals are made up of veg, protein and good fats. If working out, I may add an extra carb before working out (apple) and one carb afterwards (frozen blueberries in protein shake).

    6. No more coffee. It affects my mood negatively. I do drink green/regular tea. And teeccino herbal coffee alternative (if I’m craving a warm drink). Or a custom cacao drink (2T raw cacao powder + 1t maca + stevia + splash almond milk + hot water). Maca is optional, gives us energy in a non-caffeine way. Cacao also gives us energy.

  • 12/21/14:
    Ok I’m drinking coffee again.
    Benefits outweigh the negatives.

    Making sure the beans are organic, combining with grassfed butter & MCT oil (aka bulletproof coffee). Following this exact recipe gives me best functioning all day. No more nonorganic beans. Gives me jitters, anxiety & headaches. And MCT is superior to coconut oil in mental functioning.

    I went nearly 2yrs without this exact bulletproof recipe and now that I’m back on it – all time great mood, energy, & mental focus. Seriously.

    If I feel my mood drop, I take 5htp later in the day to compensate for serotonin drop via coffee. All good!

  • 4/9/15:
    I don’t feel like writing a separate post, so here’s an update as to what’s happening. As you know, I’ve been treating weight loss as a full time job (I haven’t worked in a few years because I want to figure this out).

    So after HCG Round 3 in June 2014, I got down to my all-time goal of 220lbs for a day. Then it bounced back up at a fast rate, as I’ve mentioned above. The chart below is a good visualization.


    (click to enlarge)

    My weight had been stable at 245lbs for around 6months until February 20, 2015.

    Then it started shooting up dramatically (I think because of the dairy kefir I was drinking and/or because of kombucha tea). In March, hardcore food cravings came back. I would drive to walgreens just to eat a bunch of their probiotic nut, dried fruit mix bags. I even bought a couple of frozen pizzas! Haven’t had those in years! Only explanation is that I was overloading my body with probiotics and this caused some issues?

    I decided to stop messing around and do a 4th round of HCG. Went to my doctor and he said I could try a 21 day standard process detox program before hcg round. To rid body of toxins & garbage. It’s a vegetarian diet with supplements.

    I speak of that in this podcast:
    (audio) #65 Align With Your Nature

    Now that 21days have passed, I’m used to eating a ton of veggies.
    And I read that Penn Jillette lost 105 lbs in 4months by following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet.

    It’s a high nutrient, low calorie diet. It can also be considered a low fat, vegan diet. Here’s a good summary: LINK

    Penn talks about his weight loss on his podcast #158, around 47minute mark. LINK

    Not too many details are given because he’s writing a book telling all. But he did mention he worked with Ray Cronise. Cronise was featured in Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body Book, talking about using cold to burn fat. Cold showers, walking in cold without layers of clothes, cold baths, ice packs, etc. You can search online for ray cronise cold therapy.

    Anyways, this is a long way of saying I’m doing Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live 6week diet. I’m 4 days in and feel great. Goal is to lose -20lbs in 6weeks. I may use some cold therapy techniques once I figure out how to do it.

  • 10/8/15: Empaths + Lack of Energetic Boundaries = Weight Gain
  • 10/29/15: Ok Ok, I’m trying out The Potato Diet
  • 11/3/15: The Potato Diet Update (-7.5lbs in 5 Days)

Old Weight Loss Experiments 2010 – 2013

I’ve been trying to lose weight since ~1995. Some of the things I’ve tried over the years are listed in my first blog post.

Since 2010, I’ve tried: Four Hour Body, Gabriel Method, Paleo, Dolce Diet, Calorie Counting, P90x, DDP Yoga, Personal Trainers, Supplements, High Dose Fish Oil, Bulletproof Coffee, Sea Salt Baths, Therapy, Psychedelics, Juice Fast & a lot of other stuff I’ve forgotten by now.

Results: Some with paleo, then stalled for many months & gained it all back.
click here to read more


1. Main intentions, starting point & goals
2. What to eat, supplements, hacking sleep, etc
3. Daily habits to maximize weight loss
4. Weekly weight loss data & charts (updated 12/25)
5. Weight loss journal & insights (updated 4/8)

Main Intentions:
1. I want to lose weight easily & effortlessly.
2. Exercise should be fun & something I look forward to doing.
3. Every item I try to get to optimal health should maximize fun & happiness (or I don’t want to do it).
4. I will keep an open mind & conduct reasonable experiments, as long as they are safe, fun & produce results.
5. Use 80/20 principle to maximize efficiency (#16). Only do things that are absolutely necessary.
6. I am willing to try new things even if it contradicts my current belief system.

Weight: 295lbs
Waist: 50.5in
Supplements: none
Exercise: none
Meditation: none
Mood: binge eating, food comas, stressed, ups & downs, low confidence, irritable, angry, depressed, lifelong sugar/sweets addict

Old models for losing weight: counting calories, weight watchers, nutrisystem, atkins, yo yo dieting, trying unsuccessfully to lose weight every year since age 15/16.

Things I ate regularly for meals until 8/7/12:
Double quarter pounders w cheese + fries + chicken nuggets
2 wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches + large fries + spicy chicken nuggets
4 portillos chili cheese dogs + onion rings
gyro plate w/ fries
shawarma platter w/ rice & pita + side of hummus + extra pita
taco bell grilled stuffed steak burrito + 4 crunchy tacos + steak quesadilla + cinnamon twists
egg rolls + panang beef w/ rice + sweet sticky rice w/ custard or mangos
general tsos chicken extra spicy w/ rice + egg rolls + crag rangoons
thin crust/deep dish sausage/pepperoni/onions/jalapenos pizza + mozzarella sticks
hot pockets
indian/chinese/old country buffets
korean bbq unlimited meat + 4 bowls of rice
red lobster bread + appetizer + fried seafood platter + dessert
1 slice portillos chocolate cake + slice of eclair cake + slice of strawberry shortcake
whole portillos cake (eaten in couple days)
2 subway footlongs (spicy italian & meatball) + 1 bag chips + 6 subway cookies
6 mrs fields white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
2 servings baklava
6+ gulab jamuns
2-3 twix + 2 hershey’s cookies & cream + 1 bag doritos
chocolate lava cake
3-4 coffee w/ cream + 5/6 splenda
tons of diet cokes/day
minimal/zero water intake
no fruits/vegetables
100% no salads for 30yrs

Weight: 220 lbs or better
Waist: 40 inches or better
Lose -1/lb per week or better
Eat optimally for health & happiness
Build a lean muscular body
Six pack abs
Become an overall badass : )

Eating Style:
Following my own diet = Paleo + Mindset + Supplements + Exercise

Resources on How to Eat:
Gabriel Method
Wheat Belly
Good Calories Bad Calories
Fathead (free movie on amazon prime)
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (free movie amazon prime, veg benefits)
Sugar The Bitter Truth (youtube 1.5hr)
Robb Wolf Paleo Diet
Mark’s Daily Apple Primal Blueprint
Nerd Fitness Guide to Paleo Diet
Bulletproof Exec Upgraded Paleo Diet
Benefits of Grass Fed Butter

The Strange Reason Diet Soda Makes You Fat
Drinking Alcohol: The Good & Bad (Mostly Bad)
Bulletproof Alcohol to Minimize The Bad

Recipes & Efficient Cookbooks:
The 4-Hour Chef – Tim Ferriss, for people who don’t like to cook
Upgraded Chef – Dave Asprey aka bulletproofexec
Bulletproof Coffee w/ Grass-Fed Butter Burns Fat
Bulletproof Ice Cream
Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Almond Meal Pancakes

Benefits of High Dose Fish Oil
Dr Barry Sears re benefits high dose fish oil (youtube 15min)
The Omega Zone: Miracle of High-Dose Fish Oil – Dr Barry Sears
Whole9 Fish Oil FAQ
High dose fish oil saves car accident comatose driver

Good Sleep Mandatory For Weight Loss + Other Stuff
Definitive Guide to Sleep
Steps to Improve Sleep
Adrenal Fatigue = sugar cravings + stalled fat loss. sea salt + water & sleep help

Efficient Exercise:
Four Hour Body
Body by Science

Daily Habits I Track:
1tsp sea salt + water in am: replenishes adrenal glands
Bulletproof Coffee: 2 large cups
Fish Oil: 10.4g epa+dha
Digestive Enzyme: 2caps before meals
Microflora: 1cap
Men’s Vitamin: 3tabs (standard dose for brand)
Water: 6qts
Meditate: 10min/day using heartmath emwave software
Exercise: 5 wall pushups + 5 bw squats every other day
Lightbox for SAD: 30mins/daily
Earthing Mat: 30mins/daily
Therapy: 2x/month
Float Tanks: 1-2x/month ideally
Get out of apt: 4x/10days (since I quit my job, good to get out)
Green Tea Kombucha: few times/wk (aids digestion, other benefits)

Note: Don’t be overwhelmed w/ all of this. I originally started with just 4 habits (water, fish oil, probiotics, digestive enzymes) and very slowly added & removed new ones when it felt comfortable.

Habits I Tried & Gave Up:
Red wine: 1-2 glasses, few times/wk (aids fat loss + other health benefits) – not doing
Green Shakes: 4x/10 days – not vital
Exercise: 20-40mins, 5x/10days – too hard/lazy
Meditation: 20mins 2x/day – lost steam
Meditation: 20mins 1x/day – still lost momentum
Meditation: 1min – worked well but found better option
Cod liver 3caps 3x – not enough epa/dha, high vitamin a (toxic in high doses)
Chlorella: 7tabs 2x – not vital

How I Keep Track:
I keep track of these on my iphone note app – then transfer onto a spreadsheet daily. Tracked on a 10-day time span. I do this to build momentum. If When I am able to accomplish these few items on a regular basis, I know I will reach my goal of tremendous fitness.

Tracking Samples:

(click to enlarge)

Weekly Weight Loss Data:


1. Started paleo on 8/7/12. Thus, the first week of paleo ended on 8/14/12 with
a -2.4lb loss.

2. Trend calculated using the Hacker’s Diet method (see “Pencil and Paper”).



Weight Loss Journal & Insights:

4.8.13My New Comprehensive Weight Loss Post

1.5.13Week 25 Update: Paleo, Blood Tests, Happy Thoughts & Musings


9.4.12 – weight hasn’t gone down much but trend is still down, which is great. Odd that the weeks the weight goes up, the waist goes down & vice versa. Remembering in Gabriel Method, he didn’t lose weight for many weeks/months but then started losing tons of weight at an increasing pace. I believe that’s the case here w/ me. Overall, mood + body feel great. No junk/carb cravings at all during this whole time. Need to drink 1-2 more qts of water + haven’t exercised in a while. Been taking all my supplements regularly + meditation going fairly strong. Been eating a lot of the paleo treats also this past week (brownies, cookies, etc).

9.11.12 – wow huge loss in weight & waist. that’s awesome. been much less hungry lately – eating 1-2 meals a day. maybe fat burning has kicked in? absolutely no cravings or cheat meals. actually think of grain/sugar/processed foods and cringe knowing it’s poison. haven’t been exercising at all and no meditation in a while – will work on that.

9.18.12 – water/supplement intake great. 100% eating healthy. not eating as much due to lack of hunger. no exercise or meditation in a few weeks.

9.25.12 – 100% healthy eating + water/supplement intake. eating is natural, zero cravings for carbs. it’s been 7 weeks since i’ve had potatoes, bread, rice, processed foods, candy, cookies, brownies, etc. absolutely amazing. waist went down. averaging -1/lb loss per week since paleo started. i’ll take this slower rate of loss over more strict diets any day. been snacking on a lot of paleo snacks (fried plantains, paleo bars, etc) – might explain the slight weight gain due to high carb content of those items. sleep also has been bad (interrupted sleep with computers, reading, audio, surfing, etc) – realized sleep super important for weight loss (as explained by tim ferriss, robb wolf & many others). focusing this week on bringing back exercise via ddp yoga.

10.2.12 – weight is up slightly (0.5lb). possible reasons: eating too many paleo treats. i had fried plantains, newly ordered element bars (paleo friendly though 28g sugar per bar via date paste), dehydrated kaia sandwich cookies (8g sugar via honey), etc. Glad to say, all my treats are pretty much done. Paleo treats are better than processed hfcs sugary treats, but sugar still is sugar & weight loss depends on controlling that. i understood this while buying/eating them, kept me sane.

another reason for weight loss stalling, im not eating as much food. sometimes weight loss is counterintuitive, eat more to lose more. just not hungry. good news is my waist (stomach) is going down each week. it’s noticeable in the mirror. supplements/water intake good. eating 100% clean, other than paleo treats. 8 weeks since eating bread, cookies, candy bars, cakes, brownies, fries, buns, pancakes, spicy chicken sandwiches, etc. 6 months since diet soda. zero carb cravings. wow. that’s just amazing. sporadic exercise & meditation.

10.09.12see update here

10.16.12see update here

10.23.12see update here

10.30.12see update here

11.06.12see update here

11.13.12Happiness Bomb

InterimMoneyball of Weight Loss

11.20.12 – weight down -1.8 week over week. Overall -5.8lbs in 3 weeks. Mood & spirits high. Body feels good, clothes fit better, people noticing changes in me. Waist plateaued for 3 weeks, this is ok. Don’t mind healthy sustainable weight/waist loss rather than tons of loose skin later on thru higher loss. Will only do weight loss update blog posts 1x a month. Doing it weekly increases stress to perform. Been throwing the kitchen sink at weight loss but rate is still maxing at around 1.93 lost per week so far. Law of reversed effect (#13) + law of diminishing returns (#53)? Next big drop (-2 or more) expected 12/4/12, in two weeks. All is well.

11.27.12 – Weight GAIN of +4 week over week. Waist gain of +0.50 week over week.

This is interesting since I have had zero cheat days at all for 16 weeks straight. Again, no bread, rice, grains, cookies, candy bars, processed food, diet soda, etc.

BUT I have been a little lenient. ie: Had fried calamari a couple of times. Had chicken 65 which is lightly breaded.

Actually, now that I think about it, had chinese general tso’s chicken + egg foo young w/ bbq pork + fried calamari a few days ago. I had forgotten about this. Egg was probably fine but the general’s chicken was breaded, covered in sugar. Had that meal on Friday & my weight went up from 276.7lbs the day before to 281.8 the day after. +5.1lbs from all that sugar.

Wow, I totally forgot about that until just this moment, as I’m writing this. Good lesson! I was just hungry and underestimated how much sugar & breading there was on general’s chicken.

So my system must be working to lose that now. Glad I got it out of my system. The chicken wasn’t as great as I had thought anyways. And I wasn’t craving carbs, I was just getting bored of my regular meals and thought I could expand my horizons. I still don’t really have any cravings since, though I’ve noticed I’ve been hungrier more than normal.

And now that I think about it, the day before chinese food, I had a large meat pizza (w/o crust) + buffalo wings (not much sugar but breading).

No wonder my weight went up! My mind kept telling me I was on the straight & narrow. Being a champion means constant effort to stay on track! Good lesson.

I’m super happy in figuring this out. Before writing this update, I was disappointed in gaining so much weight thinking I had done nothing wrong. Now that I know my exact error in judgement combined with hard data, I know exactly how to correct the course immediately. Nice job, brain.

Anyways, here’s a trend line for the past 13 data points, and you can see the direct effect the deviation had on my weight: most of the damage done by that dirty vixen, general tso.

PS: my waist measurements are off the past two weeks because I accidentally broke my myotape & had to get a short term fix of a singer tape measure from walgreens. I’m sure the new tape is accurate but the way I measure is off because the myotape is more snug & I’m used to that. Bought a new one, so next week’s waist should be truly more accurate.

UPDATE: I should mention that these few errors in judgement occurred exactly the same time as I was kicked out of my vortex of happiness. Those were caused by errors in judgement of activities I knew were going to be negative but did them anyways. Read about that here. Thus everything is connected. Do un-fun activities = unhappiness + stress = errors in eating = weight gain = more unhappiness = cycle repeats. Break the cycle by being aware & nipping bad habits in the bud. = )

12.04.12 – weight practically same as last wk (+0.4). The damage done by general tso a wk ago, still in effect!

here’s a relevant quote from mark’s daily apple: “cheating on a low carb lifestyle is not only a temporary compromise, it sets your body’s acclimatization back a week. Biochemical rhythms and energy shift, take about three weeks of steady adherence.”

been eating clean all week. experimenting w/ home cooking for 1st time ever: bp ice cream, four hour chef, cauliflower crust pizza (Links to all this in the “what to eat” section).

supplements/water/meditation great. no exercise, needs work. thinking of combining “body by science” principles of 1x/wk to failure model combined w/ my bw squats & wall pushups model. it’ll be easy and i can do it anywhere, rather than gym membership, social pressure, etc.

waist is lowest it has ever been! hooray. that’s my main concern anyways, flatter belly.

still no cookies, cakes, rice, bread, pasta, diet soda, candy bars, etc for 17 weeks now. zero cravings. what a champion my subconscious/inner self/shadow is! ; ) if i can do this, i can do anything. expecting some dramatic loss in the coming few weeks. stay tuned…

12.11.12 – weight’s been essentially the same for past 3 wks now, which is a little frustrating. waist also went up, i think that’s a random anomaly though.

the good: 18 straight wks w/o rice, pasta, bread, candy bars, cookies, cakes, diet soda, etc. absolutely championship material. no cravings at all for junk food. supplement/water/meditation/etc all going strong. exercise also picking up this wk.

been cooking a lot this past wk! thanks to 4hchef, made braised lamb shanks, amazing scrambled eggs, delicious steak, awesome crab cakes, etc. having fun cooking for 1st time in life. never thought that would happen.

body/mind feels great. spirits are high. happiness is high. riding the highs of the vortex perfectly. journaling, reading tons, only doing fun things & avoiding guaranteed neg events.

challenge: this is truly uncharted territory for me. i’ve never stuck to anything for this long, especially healthy eating. today marks 18 straight weeks of paleo + supplements. 22 straight wks of keeping track of weight on a spreadsheet.

not seeing scale results is tough. would be useful to have other measures of success, ie: body fat, blood tests, etc. still paying the price for general tso’s damage 3wks ago + shortcuts in eating (breaded calamari, breaded wings, cheese on pizza w/o crust, small bits of potatoes in indian curry, etc).

here’s how the weight & trend look for this current period so far, starting w/ the day after general tso’s.

52-69 weight

52-69 trend

As you can see, I stopped the upward weight trend and now it’s on a plateau. There is nothing really I can do other than keep strict w/ what was working before, and prevent boredom from wrecking havoc.

12.18.12 – Listen, not losing weight is pretty frustrating. It’s been 6 weeks since the last major loss. If this eating style weren’t so easy & fun, I would have fallen off the wagon already.

But I literally have zero cravings for junk food and eating paleo is super easy for me. I’m even cooking almost every day (thanks to four hour chef). Steaks, scrambled eggs, crab cakes, etc. Even making almond flour pancakes, which are fucking delicious.

This is an interesting dichotomy because whenever I check the scale, I get disappointed at lack of weight loss BUT literally every other thing in my life is at all time highs. Happiness. Mood. Energy. Sleep. Clothes fit better. Self confidence. Self esteem. Positive self talk. Zero, literally zero, negative self talk. I look @ myself in the mirror and am actually happy to see my reflection (1st time ever).

I meditate every day. Take all my supplements. Drink tons of water. Exercise. Do fun things. Journal. Use light therapy to combat sad. Go out of my apt frequently & w/ full championship confidence (remarkable in december! 1st time ever in 20yrs).

Reading TONS of books. Clean my apt. Grocery shopping & cooking = all of which are fun now, not an annoying chore! Surrounded by symbols of excellence. Go to sleep by playing abraham hicks positivity mental games. Wake up happy. Blogging. Making podcasts.

I make strong eye contact w/ strangers. I laugh & smile w/ them. I can make small talk easily. I stand up straight (no more slouching). I walk w/ a purpose (genghis khan). I listen to great music every day (haven’t done that since college!)

I actually notice & look at women now. And in my gut feel like I can attract them (another first! and something that seemed impossible all my life. would have paid millions of dollars to feel like this). I no longer feel butterflies or super anxious around hot women. I can see thru their makeup and armor to see their inner girl, if that makes sense.

I feel powerful.

There’s so much more great stuff that’s all happening for the first time ever in my short (and long) life. Every single thing is great. Except for weight & waist loss.

So this is a good experiment in patience & persistence for me.

Normally, I’m a “get rich quick” type guy when it comes to all matters. Not losing weight for many weeks even though all else is going great is like a major test for my mind. Can I keep my cool? Will I let a speck of dust ruin paradise?

It’s like what steve jobs said in his stanford speech. If you don’t absolutely love what you do, you WILL quit. So follow your passion, was his point. Because starting a business (or new venture) is irrational. There is no guarantee of success. Plus everyone will doubt you and convince you to not start. But if you love what you do, you will keep going because it’s your passion.

Taking supplements, new age spirituality, reading & learning, self improvement, self help are all my passion. I like learning and improving and being on the leading edge. Plus the paleo diet is so easy. Meat + Veg + Nuts + Fruits. And I have zero cravings due to all good supplements I’m taking (esp probiotics + dig enzymes + fish oil).

So even if I don’t lose weight, this is too easy and fun to stop. The train is already at full steam, no stopping now!

Oh yea, one more thing I wanted to mention. I know this is getting long but you’ll like this. Sleep is super important for weight loss. I’ve been having crappy sleep for about a year or so now. To the point where all my body parts ache & become numb every day. Only this past week did I realize the cause of this was my crappy old mattress. Got a new one on saturday (3 days ago) and been sleeping like a baby since. I suspect this will play an important part in overall happiness + weight loss in the near future. I talk about that in detail in my most recent podcast.

12.25.12 – :)

Laura Grace February 3, 2014 at 12:31 pm

What do you eat at portillos now?

Deepak Nair February 3, 2014 at 5:23 pm

been making all meals at home in pursuit of weight loss. portillos is right behind my apt, i can see & smell it every time i go outside!

David August 10, 2014 at 5:43 am

Just stumbled across your blog by the keywords bill clinton hsp (yes, I have an unresonably passionate relationship to Googleling) and recognized the notion of not beeing able to let go of someone elses embaressment. However on the point of diet I have been eating LCHF for 4 years now and it helps me to ballance my energy, wich has changed my life. I am not over weight but I know it can help the mayority of people with that issue to. This diet is really big in Sweden where i live. Send me an email if you want to know more. Cheers ;)

Deepak Nair August 10, 2014 at 12:29 pm

Hello to Sweden from Chicago. David, thanks for the tip man. I’m researching LCHF diet today, looks very promising.

here’s a link for anyone else looking into it:

Ericka Andaluz March 25, 2015 at 7:39 pm

I am a latino and I’m been sick for 3 years and results of that 22 surgeries, everything is because in 2013 someone tried to rob me and my own apartment, and because I said no, he stabbed me, and I couldn’t live normal since that time because I had a chronic infection and chronic wound. I take medicine for depression and that’s make earn weight too.. please help me, I want’t to be normal again … I’m over 30 lb, 42 years old, and I feel horrible.

Deepak April 11, 2015 at 3:13 pm

you’re starting from a tough spot but anything great is possible, of course. when i’m down and out, i try to tell myself things like “god/universe/whatever only gives me what i can handle” or “i can do it” or start repeating “i love myself” over and over. i’m not religious but that seems to help get the ball started. i also find solace in spiritual teachers like louise hay, abraham hicks, eckhart tolle, buddhism, & other talks on youtube. good luck on your journey, i know you can do whatever you wish to accomplish.