Emotional Freedom Technique

If there is only one thing I could do, it would be hours and hours of EFT to clear all the negative resistance & emotions in my body. The philosophy is that everything in our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. Change the inner to change the outer.

First, we have to understand what EFT is, for our logical mind.

Then, we need to do it regularly.
I find it much easier to tapalong to videos rather than do it all myself.

We can use EFT for literally any problem in our life. Emotional issues. Relationship issues. Financial issues. Simple or super serious diseases. Anything and everything!


Dawson Church is one of the leaders in the EFT field. I like his explanations on how and why EFT works. He has a website full of resources at http://www.eftuniverse.com/tutorial/eft-tutorial-center.





Gary Craig is the founder of EFT.



Brad Yates has 100s of tapalong videos ranging in every category you can imagine. Here are a few select ones that I found useful. You can check out his youtube channel for more videos.















I found the healing journey of Amy B Scher inspiring.

She was riddled with a bunch of illnesses and finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease, tried everything under the sun, then healed herself using energy medicine techniques like EFT. She wrote the book, How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can.