Resources & Cool Stuff

updated: 11/3/13

These are some of the absolute best stuff in each of the categories that I have found over the years. Hope you get a chance to try them out as well.

Table of Contents:

Personal Health
Natural Doctors
Personal Finance
Fortune Teller

C20 Coconut Water – fave brand, best taste
Kerrygold Unsalted Butter – grass-fed, healthy, omega3, goes w/ bulletproof coffee
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – best/more nutritious than reg salt, minerals
Almond Butter – organic, preservative free, better alternative to peanut butter
The True Kit – 0 calorie all natural flavor kit for water
Stevia Clear Liquid – healthy sugar substitute
Yogi Green Tea Kombucha – good for gut
Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea – good for mind
Bulletproof Coffee – organic low toxic/mold clean coffee
Bodum Chambord Coffee Press – easy french press way to make bulletproof coffee
Breville Juicer – featured in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead
Vitamix Turboblend 2-Speed – for blending green smoothies, bulletproof coffee
Nordic Ware Egg Boiler – hard boil eggs in microwave
Zojirushi Rice Maker – best brand – online ordering/delivery system of local restaurants
Paleo Food Mall – links to tons of paleo friendly treats/oils/butters/etc

Super Omega3 Oil – clean concentrated epa/dha fish oil (10% off code: Whole9)
Source Naturals Essential Enzymes – for better digestion, i use 2 caps before meal
Renew Life Ultimate Flora – 50b cfu, 10 strains, 1cap, good
Vitamen – men’s vitamin, 3caps/day
Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – infinite benefits (cooking, hair, skin)

Personal Health:
Periobiotic Toothpaste – good mouth bacteria. fluoride free
Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste – fluoride free
Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste – fluoride free
Vicks Germ Free Humidifier – important to keep right humidity
Acu Rite Indoor Humidity Monitor – cheap, useful, i aim for 40%
Honeywell Air Purifier – no filters to replace
PUR 18 Cup Dispenser – water filter
Hempz Herbal Moisturizer – enriched w/ hemp seed oil, smells great
Herbdoc Bowel Cleanse – rec by Bashar
23 and me – Check your genes via spit test. $299
Spectracell – Micronutrient testing, rec by Tim Ferriss. $340
WellnessFX – blood test rec by Tim Ferriss + Dave Asprey. $199 ($10 off by clicking this aff link)
Earthing Mat – get better sleep, reduce inflammation, reduce pain
Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters – plug into power ports to reduce emf
Instant Heart Rate – free app, uses iphone camera + finger to detect

Natural & Open-Minded Doctors
Dr Andrew Weil – integrative medicine
Dr Richard Schulze – herbal doctor
Dr Joseph Mercola – alternative physician
Dr Joel Fuhrman – nutrition based family physician
Dr William Davis – preventative cardiologist + wheat belly author
Dr Barry Sears – fish oil + inflammation expert

Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Boombox – for iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc
Belkin iPad Holder – great for use in bed/lumpy surfaces
Earth Class Mail – virtual mailbox, scans, shreds & access from internet

Remee Sleep Mask – new lucid dream mask
Lucid Dreaming Reddit – learn techniques
HemiSync Binaural Beat Brainwave – faster learning, increase creativity
Heartmath emWave Desktop – track heart rate variability, reduce stress
Hearthmath Emwave2 – portable version of above
Zeo Sleep Manager Pro – track how well you’re sleeping
Morning Star Incense – smells great. small sticks. comes w/ tiny holder in box
Moleskine Notebook – great for journaling
Float Tank Directory – worldwide isolation tank locator
Chicago Stress Relief (Northbrook, IL) – my preferred float tank place in suburbs
SpaceTime Tanks (Chicago, IL) – preferred/only float tank place in city
How twitter can make you a better (& happier) person – the reason I tweet

Shroomery – guide to psychedelic mushrooms
Erowid – guide to all psychoactives
Mushroom Primer – by comedian Ari Shaffir. One of the best explanations
Spirit Vine – ayahuasca retreat in Brazil I went to

Abraham-Hicks (processes & mental games)
Orin & DaBen
Barbara Marciniak (pleiadians)

Entertainment: – stream movies – stream tv shows
TV Links – stream tv shows – stream sports live
Afterbuzz TV – recap & discussion of popular tv shows (wwe raw, breaking bad, etc)
Roku – stream netflix, gaiam, amazon prime, etc on tv

You Know What Duuuude by Robert Kelly
The Joe Rogan Experience
WTF with Marc Maron
Psychedelic Salon – great long Terence McKenna talks

Personal Finance: – free way to keep track of all your accounts, i use it daily
Motley Fool – free personal education + great stock advisor newsletter

Fortune Teller
Consult the I Ching – Think of a question and consult the ancient Chinese Yijing by flipping virtual coins & get wisdom.
Angel Numbers – When you see repeating numbers (11:11, 3:33, 5:55, 12:12, etc), look here to find its spiritual meaning.

FYI: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and decide to buy something – I’ll get a few dollars. Regardless of if you buy or not, these items are some of my most favorite cool stuff that I use regularly and recommend fully. Just wanted to be up front with you.