Affiliate Disclosure

Hi there. You know the deal. This site originally started because I wanted to just talk about stuff I was interested in. I never got around to updating the site and it just sat there.

Then, I erased all of it and thought I’d start a site that has adsense ads all over it to make some money.

I got sick of that and took down all of the adsense ads and erased most of the posts.

I recently decided that I wanted to become a producer in society rather than a consumer – so my site should reflect that. So instead of annoying my friends & family by over-sharing all of the cool things I’ve learned – I needed an outlet to feel like I’m contributing something back to society.

So this site’s primary function is to serve as a creative outlet to share everything that has been helpful in my life and hope some of it helps you out as well.

That said – many of the links are affiliate links. All of the links are pointing to products I have been using and find extremely helpful. And some of those products pay a commission any time someone buys a product through my affiliate link.

Obviously – almost everyone on the internet is doing this and it can create a steady stream of passive income – and I’m no different in wanting to have multiple streams of passive income so that I can live freely.

Some of the types of affiliate links include links to and bluehost.

I buy almost 100% of my non-food items on amazon and think it’s the best shopping site in the world. I also own their stock at the moment because I think they’re going to be much bigger than walmart one day.

Bluehost is a hosting site that I recently started using because I got fed up with godaddy hosting’s speed & other issues. You can read about the details here.

I’m sure in the future as I discover more new cool products, I’ll link to them and if they have an affiliate program – I will enroll in it.

Affiliate links may or may not be explicitly pointed out in the post – because sometimes I forget as I’m writing. So just assume that all product referrals & outbound links are affiliate referrals and I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

This should in no way mean that I’m pushing products I have no used or don’t believe in. I will try to be as ethical as humanly possible because I only want to put positive energy out into the universe.

I will try to do my best and hope to make as honest of an income as possible. I also just want to share cool stuff that I discover and hope you do the same so that I can learn from your journey.

Anyways – this post is long – I want to thank Tim Ferriss & Pat Flynn for their disclosure policies as they served as a guide for mine.

Here is a fun pictorial disclosure policy – I wish most of these were true for me today – who knows – maybe one day in the future!

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer You can add these images to your site by downloading the images here & by giving the authors proper attribution.)