What’s up,

A lil about me.
Reader. Writer. Podcaster.
Occasional video maker (when I get the courage).

South Indian (Kerala) by genetics. Born in Africa.

Bachelors in Econ & Finance from Univ of Illinois Urbana.
INFJ. Cancer. Highly Sensitive Person. Empath.
Lover of coffee, sunlight, and forests.

My role model parents are Warren Buffett & Louise Hay.

Super into the spiritual inner life.
Found that all other doors closed in my life, leaving me to discover this beautiful inner world. That’s the way it usually works, right?

I’m not a picky eater, I like all items from the buffet.
Meditation, mindfulness, angels, mystical teachings, spirit guides, psychedelics, self help, affirmations, law of attraction, channeled work, crystals & gemstones, psychics, essential oils, chakras, meridians, tcm, ayurveda, energy medicine, feng shui, astrology, tarot, divine guidance, therapy, journaling, prayer. Whatever you got, I’m into it.

My left brain is also quite active.
I’m very into business, stock market, personal finance, spreadsheets & charts, analyzing people/places/things constantly, doing my own taxes!, life hacking, quantified self, building websites, technology, physical & mental health, nutrition, vitamins & supplements, reading biographies & studying successful people, philosophy, audiobooks, podcasts.

“There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.”
– St. Augustine

Definitely not a saint nor a full sinner.
Somewhere in between. I’ve made plenty of mistakes (like all humans) and am now trying to follow the footsteps of the great ones. Trying to travel in the direction of the saints.

Everyone has a shadow side, mine is there also. I too have plenty of negative thoughts, words, & deeds. My work is to accept my past, forgive myself and others, appreciate the good, and lean toward the light side. Do a little better each day.

Sharing what I’m learning as I travel down this path for my like-minded readers.


Almost forgot to say.

Don’t do anything I’m doing!
Don’t listen to anything I’m saying!
Do your own research and do what’s right for you.

Even though we’re both humans, our bodies, genetics, personalities will surely be varied.

Sometimes I’ll talk about certain vitamins and supplements I’m taking, or some other thing that works for me. It doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Nor that I’m still doing that thing I wrote about years ago. I constantly change my mind and routines and it’s hard to keep updating all the things I’m into.

I’m just writing about my life experience, in that one moment in time. I could be & am often wrong. I’m also fairly ignorant and say silly or rude things at times. I’m a human.

Ok, thanks!