Indian Guy Who Fixes Plumbing Leaks For Free (For Water Conservation)

February 14, 2018

Aabid Surti “God is my fundraiser!”

I came across an article in the newspaper about a study that proved that a single drop wasted every second translated into 1000 litres a month going down the drain! This was the answer that I was looking for. Now I had hard, proven facts to back up my restless feeling. As for the plumber problem, I decided to hire a plumber myself and visit all the houses to get those leaking taps fixed. From there started the journey that led to the formation of Drop Dead Foundation.

Any hurdles?
I haven’t faced any major problems as such but small instances keep happening. When I first started going to people’s houses some people wouldn’t open the door or close the door on our face, inspite of early intimations. It took me some time to realise that it was the plumber who would ring the bell and people would get scared to see someone who looked like Bin Laden at their door. Since then I have a pretty woman volunteer who rings the bell and gives a lovely smile to break the ice.