Food Allergy Test Results

February 3, 2018

I assumed I was eating the right way all these years. I had been following something like a Paleo diet and at times a Vegan diet for a few years now. And avoided all the junk: dairy, wheat, processed foods, bad oils, etc.

I recently got a food allergy test done because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and was still having GI issues even on a super strict diet like the Gaps Diet where I was simply drinking bone broth and boiled meats.

Well, the results were eye opening!

The usual suspects were there as allergens:
Dairy (milk, cheeses)

There were many surprises on there that I did not expect:
Beef! Yes, beef!
Eggs (yolks & white)
Red Grapes
And a few others

This was shocking because my diet consisted mainly of beef and eggs as my proteins. A lot of beef bone broth daily. And I ate quite a bit of garlic, almonds, almond milk, and some banana for my smoothies. I also ate a lot of whey protein bars.

Now that I’ve started avoiding these foods, I have started to feel much better and the GI issues have subsided.

As an aside, I also added copious amounts of Cow & Goat Kefir to my diet, though they are dairy items, because Kefir is high in probiotics (both strains and total count) and are supposed to heal the gut. Kefir is also lactose free, so I think that helps.

The test is by Meridian Valley Labs, E95 Common Food Panel. I paid $190 in cash thru my doctor. Your insurance may cover food allergy tests, you’ll have to check.