Rotisserie Chicken Idea

December 18, 2017

I like rotisserie chicken.

It’s an easy meal. Already cooked. Tastes good. Simple protein. No added ingredients, just chicken. And very affordable.

There are also issues with rotisserie chicken that you probably have noticed.

It tastes amazing fresh from the store. Everyone goes for all the dark pieces like thighs, legs, wings, and skin. That’s the good stuff! What’s left will be the thick breast meat that turns hard and unpalatable in the fridge. It also has less flavor since there’s less fat in that meat.

Today, I had a new idea.
I bought two rotisserie chicken. Normally I only buy one at a time but for some reason my hands reached for and placed two of those things in my basket. I went with it.

When I got home, the idea started flowering.
I took a big bowl and started shredding the first packet of rotisserie chicken, using my hands. I separated the bones and placed them back in the container, to be used later for bone broth.

Then I started shredding the second packet of chicken as well, putting the bones in the first container.

Now all the meat, white and dark, are mixed together, along with the flavorful skin. Every bite has flavor. I no longer have to chew threw thick pieces of bland breast meat! I placed all of that shredded meat from the bowl into the second chicken container. It all fit perfectly!

Pre-shredding the chicken also has the benefit of you saving all the bones in advance. You no longer have the ick factor of trying to secure bones eaten by other people. If someone ate from a bone, I usually CANNOT/WILL NOT use it for my broth.

So now, the first container full of bones is in the freezer, awaiting my next bone broth batch. The second container full of shredded chicken is ready in the fridge, for whenever I want to scoop some out for one of my meals!