High Dose Fish Oil Re-Re-Revisted

December 18, 2017

How much fish oil is enough?
How much is too much?

I love fish oil because it helps my mood, like for real. It’s one of my favorite antidepressants. I’ve talked about that plenty of times before.

I’ve tried every dose under the sun, from very low like 1 gram of epa+dha all the way up to 18 grams of epa+dha. I know folks say you can take high doses like 20 grams or more without any side-effects but I always get somewhat gun-shy at higher doses. Could I be messing up my body by consuming too much??

Then I started to think about it.
Fish Oil, aka Omega 3, is simply a type of fat. An oil.

We eat fat all the time, without ever even thinking about it.

For example, a Big Mac has 28 grams of fat. Not that I eat those anymore, but I have in the past without ever thinking twice. I especially used to eat double quarter pounders, which clocks in at 45 grams of fat.

Now, the types of fat in fast food are considered to be bad types of fat. Inflammatory oils. The good types of fat are said to be things like olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. The fats in grassfed meats and wild caught fish are also fine.

Other types of food:
An 8oz of ribeye steak has 33 grams of fat.
A 6oz salmon fillet has 22 grams fat.

Usually 1 tablespoon of oil is about 14 grams of fat. Coconut oil, olive oil, doesn’t matter. We all eat fat in our meals unless you’re on some type of super low fat vegan diet or something.

So, if you add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your smoothie, that’s about 28 grams of fat. In one meal. Same goes for if you add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to your salad. For one meal!

Depending on your daily caloric needs and eating style (high fat vs moderate fat), you could be consuming a lot more fat grams than that per day.

Thinking that way, what’s the big deal if you substitute part of your daily fat intake to consume up to 28 grams of fat in the form of fish oil for mood and depression purposes?

Nothing, right?
I don’t know for sure, just wondering out loud.