Joe Dispenza Meditation Review

December 13, 2017

Holy cow!

I am so glad I purchased one of his meditation mp3s. It is so powerful and amazing that I’m trying to not overhype the whole thing.

Let’s start from the beginning.
I am a big Joe Dispenza fan and have been for years. I’ve heard many of his talks and interviews. The other day, I decided to buckle down and read one of his books, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

The idea is that if we can change our thoughts, we can change our life.
This is nothing new.

I’ve heard and learned this from dozens of teachers over the decades. The thing Joe does so well is explain it really well using science in simple terms. Next, he shows us HOW to do that. How do you change your thoughts to change your life? We can sit around, speak affirmations, and write new thoughts all day long but rarely get any results. That’s because we’re not going deep enough to affect our subconscious programming. I know, I have tried for many years with not much to show for it.

Joe’s idea is to meditate a certain way so that we can switch from beta brain state to alpha. Then we connect with the universal life force and match it’s will. We then deprogram our current way of thinking by identifying it and asking the universal life force to help us make a change. Then we program how we want to feel into our brain. The thoughts, feelings, emotions of the perfect ideal state. That version of us already exists in the multiverse. What we are doing is being a match to that state so that we become entwined with it. And sooner of later, something random and surprising will happen, classified as a miracle, that will shock us to show that what we did actually worked.

The idea is that there are really no limits to what we can achieve, except probably the impossible like growing a new limb or growing 10 inches taller, but we should be able to become happier, healthier, cure our diseases, achieve a great state of mind, and create the life of our dreams using these principles.

All of this brain rewiring stuff using our thoughts is known as self directed neuroplasticity. We are also entering the quantum field of possibilities and working with the universe life force, asking for its help by merging with its will.

You can follow along with the meditation instructions mentioned in the book, which is fine, but he also has meditation mp3s that make the process much easier. All you gotta do is listen and follow along. So, I proceeded to buy one that’s associated with this book, for a whopping $6.00! Super inexpensive.

And the results?
Can I just say that… IT WAS LIFE-CHANGING!

My first meditation session was this past Saturday, four days ago. Right afterwards, things started moving and changing.

First of all, my body was reacting super crazily during the meditation. I would yawn nonstop. My eyes would tear up and flood. My nose would NOT stop running and I’d have to blow it every few minutes. My body felt tingles. Shivers.

I’m familiar with these types of bodily reactions which I observe during some types of energy work, especially Qigong. These are known as Qigong reactions, results of energy moving in the body. But, I never have gotten reactions this strong as I have with the Joe Dispenza meditation. And it happens every time so far. I think it means that new genes are being signaled and my body is changing from me thinking new thoughts.

My mind felt happy and alive too. My mood is always at all time highs when I do these meditations, especially because I’m picturing me at peak moments. I’m picturing my ideal self and that self is happy, healthy, and energized.

Right after I did the first meditation, I had the intense desire to go outside for a walk. This is a rare normal occurrence, as in it almost never happens normally, especially in the Chicago winter. So I went for a walk and actually enjoyed it.

Another day, I had an intense desire to jump on the treadmill and do a combination of walking and running. Me. RUNNING! I haven’t ran in more than a decade. And since then, I’ve done it again. Remember, I’ve only been meditating for four days by now. That’s me running twice in four days! ME! RUNNING!!

I had the intense desire to go out and hang out at cafes and libraries. Normally I’m a homebody and never feel like doing that. But I did and felt calm, serene, and in the zone. Normally I feel on edge from all the people and erratic energies floating around. This time, I felt calm and centered. My normally hair-trigger flight or fight system has been off. This itself is a major miracle.

I went to a super busy grocery store and felt calm as well, even thought it was super busy during the holiday season. This is also a rare occurrence, since I almost always get knocked off my center from the erratic energy of people in grocery stores.

I had new ideas on how to eat for my health. I had more energy to hang out with people, again, super impressive considering the bleak dark Chicago winters.

Sometimes I’ll do the meditation once a day. Other times, I’ll even do it twice a day, morning and night. It feels that good. One meditation session is around 1 hour and 10 minutes. By contrast, I can barely do 20 minutes of a normal TM meditation, but these 70 minutes of the Joe Dispenza meditation fly by.

For now, I plan on doing these meditations daily until I fully achieve what I want, or unless another better method comes along.

(I’ll update later on how it all went down in the future.)

Meditation: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

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