Spring Forest Qigong

December 4, 2017

Spring Forest Qigong was recommended to me by a friend, and since I had heard of Qigong as a healing modality before, I thought I’d try this one out. I’m now a believer and convert!

There are hundreds (and possibly thousands) of kinds of Qigong out there and SFQ is simply one version.

SFQ is taught by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin and is meant to be an easy way to learn this practice that benefits every aspect of our health. If you look online, folks have used Qigong to heal nearly every disease and ailment you can think of, even dire things like terminal cancer.

The premise of Qigong is that once you get your chi flowing properly, the body will heal itself. Chi blockages result in disease.

The SFQ program comes with active exercises, where you actually move your body, and meditative practices, where you sit and visualize the energy moving in your body. All of the practices are very simple to do.

I’ve been doing the SFQ active exercises daily for a few weeks now and absolutely love the effect it has on my body.

As soon as I start the practice, my body responds. Usually my nose will start to run nonstop, clearing out the sinuses and impurities I think. It is quite ridiculous how much my nose will drip as soon as I start my Qigong practice! Maybe it is firing up my lung meridian.

My body will also feel tingles and warmth. I even start to heat up and slightly perspire towards the end of the exercises. And afterwards, I feel a calm zen glow. Very relaxed and peaceful.

These types of things are known as Qigong reactions, a common set of things that happen to our body once we start moving the chi.

All of this from simply standing and moving gently!

None of the “exercises” are meant to be cardiovascular in nature. We are mostly standing in place and simply moving our arms as slowly as possible. If you saw what I was doing, it would look like the slowest movements that should have NO effect on the body. Yet, it somehow does! The power of chi.

To do the exercises, you have some options. You can watch and follow along with the video. Or you can follow along using the audio mp3s. Lastly, you can print out the pdf manual and follow along with the pictures.

All of those methods are fine but the thing that really helped me in my practice was to take a few moments to memorize the 8 exercises so that I can do it without having to refer to anything else.

That way, I can do my Qigong wherever I am and whatever I am doing, even if watching a tv show! I know, I know, qigong is meant to be done with a quiet mind, but I like to do it while something is on in the background. My mind can zone out while my subconscious mind can do the eight exercises.

So, I highly recommend printing out the pdf and taking a day or so to memorize the 8 movements so that you can do it without thinking.

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