December 2, 2017

I frequently see an ad for a reality tv show. It’s one of those family reality shows where the parents and kids are featured.

I was amazed at how great the family looks because the clips of the show made me feel warm and fuzzy.

The kids are all cute, get along, and say funny things.

The mom and dad are perfect too. Good looking couple. Doting to the kids, plays games with them, and say cute things to each other. It’s all very pg and heartwarming.

I was inspired me to look them up on google. How great that these types of people exist, I thought.

Well, that bubble was burst immediately.

Turns out the dad has 14 (!) children with 8 different women (!!).

The mom has an arrest sheet for assault and various other things. She had even once faked a suicide while pregnant to scare her husband and cops were called.


That was a rude awakening for me that no one is perfect, everyone has skeletons in their closet, and reality tv is the fakest tv of all.