Evoking Emotions While Visualizing

December 1, 2017

I’ve recently become big on the works of Joe Dispenza.

He teaches that we can manifest our wishes as well as heal ourselves by the power of our focused thought combined with elevated emotions.

Meaning, you have to think a positive thought and also experience a positive emotion in the body.

In the past, I’ve done thoughts, visualizations, and affirmations hundreds of times, using my brain but it rarely evoked a feeling in the body. I just didn’t know how to do that.

Like Joe says, thoughts are the language of the brain and emotions are the language of the body.

So, I was only accomplishing one half of the equation by doing affirmations and whatnot without ever feeling it in the body.

The other day, I did my tm meditation, and got to that sweet spot of no thought, no body, no senses. The spot where you can no longer feel your hands and feet, everything feels numb.

Then I introduced my focused thought. A scene I want to happen in my life.

I pictured earning a certain amount of money and how awesome that felt. I pictured it as something that already happened, not something to happen in the future. (That’s an important distinction in visualizing.)

So far so good.
Yet, there was no feeling in the body.

Suddenly an image popped into my mind.

I remembered an old episode of Martin where he won the lottery and starting hooting and hollering, doing backflips and ridiculous dance moves. A classic tv moment.

I pictured myself acting the same silly way, hopping up and down in delight after my wish had become reality.

Right away, happy emotions poured out of my heart and into my body, and I felt the tingles flow all around! The scene felt real!

My face started smiling and I lived in that imaginal moment, thought and emotion working hand in hand. I had figured out how to evoke an emotion using thought alone!