Yin and Yang Drink Experiments

October 21, 2017

Relativism of Chinese Medicine
The main thing I’m into these days is the idea of relativism & individualization when it comes to health, diet, and supplements.

In other words, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy.

In TCM, everything depends on your current constitution and climate. If you’re Yin, you need Yang. If you’re Cold, you need Warm. More Cold will just keep you stuck.

Super Cold Tea Blend
For example, during an experiment of trying to rid “dampness” in my body, I started drinking a lot of teas that are supposed to “drain”.

Things like Raspberry Leaf Tea, Cornsilk Tea, Dandelion Tea, and Pau D’Arco.

One day, I had an idea to make a big pitcher with all of the different tea combined. More the better, I thought.

After drinking that tea blend, I found myself really sleepy, lethargic, and fatigued. I simply could not stay awake at all and was the most tired I had ever been.

The next day, I researched & found that all of those herbs, while natural and will drain damp, are also Cool and Cold in energetic temperature!

I’m already Yin and Cold to begin with, so this super cold tea, even though it was literally hot when I drank it, made me even more “Cold”!

Ultra Warm Spiced Coffee Blend
The next day, I experimented with going Warm and Hot.

Looking around the cabinet to find things we already had, I made a super cocktail.

I had stopped drinking coffee (warm) and thought we had none left, except miraculously found a small single-serve packet we had tucked away in a cabinet. We had plenty of black tea, but that is considered only “neutral”. I had green tea but that is “cool”.

Then I looked at the list of warm/hot herbs online to see what we also had in our pantry.

I found cardamom, ginger powder, fennel seed, black pepper, cinnamon bark, mustard powder, nutmeg, and turmeric.

Since I knew that Indian Masala Tea is normally made from similar spices, I tried to think what I could use to create my own spice mix that would go along with coffee.

We also had basil, oregano, and parsley, but those definitely would funk up my spiced coffee for sure! So I skipped those.

I mixed the spices together using my gut feelings on how much to use.

Brewed up some coffee with the spices and blended in some butter (warm).

Afterwards, I added some honey and took a sip expecting the spiced coffee to taste like vegemite, but nope, it was DELICIOUS!

Not only that, I felt super energized, warm, and toasty the rest of the day, moreso than if I had simply drank black coffee alone.

What an awesome discovery!
We can use what we already have in the house to conduct this experiment.

This applies to drinks, foods, herbs, and supplements.

A great beverage that increases Warm & Yang is Jasmine Tea, which is green tea combined with jasmine flowers.

You can conduct your own research on what to use here: Chinese Energetics Food List