The Man Who Knew Too Much

October 15, 2017

Two things recently came into my awareness.

First, the old Hitchcock movie, The Man Who Knew Too Much. I haven’t seen it yet but it kept crossing my path. The title has been ringing in mind.

Secondly, I rewatched a Star Trek TNG episode for the dozenth time, but this time it made me wonder.

The one where Geordi is captured by the Romulans and brainwashed by having him watch tons of negative images. They flood his brain with negativity.

That made me think. I am doing that exact thing to myself!!

I’m a man who knows too much. Mostly too much negative.

What the politicians are up to. What is happening around the world. I don’t even watch the news yet I know everything.

What the nba players are doing and saying. All the hoopla in the nfl. Which teams are winning the mlb playoffs. And I don’t even watch or like sports!

What the pro wrestlers are doing behind the scenes. All the drama. I don’t know why, but it’s just so addictive to know what goes on behind the facade.

What the actors and actresses are doing. Which movies are poppin and which flopped. The stats and figures. The secret fights behind the scenes. Yet, I don’t watch most movies!

What the other celebrities and reality stars are up to. Pop culture. I don’t honestly care or watch their shows, yet their news is inside my mind.

I know all about the hip hop community. The latest beefs and rumors. I don’t listen to the music yet know all the gossip!

In other words,

And most of the time, it is NEGATIVE INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

Rarely does positive news reach my awareness. I am drawn towards all the wrong & gossipy things happening around the world.

I don’t even seek it out, since I actively try to avoid negativity, yet it finds me, like static cling.

I can simply search for a recipe online and somehow enter that wormhole. Everything is one click away on some “related” link.

I can innocently listen to a podcast meant to be “comedy,” yet know everything about everything in the whole world.

I can seek out a funny clip on youtube and somehow end up hours later knowing all the gossip about everyone. Either some “related” video or some comment will pique my curiosity.

That’s how websites are built, to be super addictive.

Google, Youtube, and the whirlwind of Twitter. They want to consume all of our time and attention. Forget about Facebook, I quit that hyper drug years ago.

It’s like a casino, you enter planning to just eat at the buffett with your friend who likes to gamble and leave with no additional cash spent.

Soon, hours have passed, you have no idea what day or time it is, and you’ve withdrawn all that you can from your debit card. And somehow, you’ve lost your shoe.

The iPhone is equally the greatest and worst invention. It’s crack cocaine times 1000. One of the most addictive tools of all time. And worst of all, it’s with us 24/7.

It’s our alarm, camera, notepad, computer, email, photo album, music, radio, television, movie theater, newspaper, maps, shopping mall, banking, video games, erotica, and workstation, all in one.

I don’t think I’ve been more than 50 feet away from my iPhone in like seven years.

The spiritual goal is a quiet mind and open heart, like Michael Singer teaches.

The internet, instead, churns our mind like a tropical hurricane and nails our heart shut (just look at online comments).

No solutions, just an observation I had.