Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

October 13, 2017

Agatha is the best-selling novelist of all time.

Her books have been the third most published all time, coming in only after The Bible and Shakespeare. Wow.

Only now did I feel the urge to check out one of her books. Maybe it’s my kindle “cover” that keeps changing everytime I turn it off, showing Agatha’s picture every now and then that planted the idea to check her out.

I assumed murder mysteries would be gory & violent, having never read one before, so I avoided those for a long time.

Well, I now know that’s not the case. Murders are just a plot device to tell a puzzle-type story.

A person has to die because that’s the ultimate end. If the crime was just a punch in the face, the victim could tell everyone whodunnit and the puzzle would end after one sentence.

In a murder, we have to figure it out, using vague clues.

I quickly picked up and finished Murder on the Orient Express in just a couple of days. A puzzle is addicting and I wanted to know the solution asap, so I was greedily reading as fast as possible.

I’m still kinda green when it comes to reading fiction, so this style of writing was odd for me.

It’s not a story from beginning to end, like other novels I’ve read, but each chapter is a presentation of information as we try to sniff out the clues. Like we are a detective and we’re given a vanilla envelope with information.

All that said, I enjoyed the book.

The ending, the whole point in reading this type of book, was great and satisfying. I can’t speak more about it without spoiling anything.

After I finished reading, I learned that there’s actually a movie version coming out next month! I hope it’s well-made and look forward to checking it out.

Meanwhile, I am currently reading her other famous book, And Then There Were None.