Super Mega Adaptogen Elixir Tea

October 12, 2017

I’ve been making a mega elixir tea lately and wanted to share the idea with you.

It will take too long to explain the plethora of benefits of each individual ingredient, so I will leave it to you to research that yourself.

Most of the ingredients and information, I got from Dragon Herbs, who I’ve been mentioning a lot lately.

Anyways, my formula goes like this.

Using a large herbal tea pot with a built-in strainer, or a french press, or just a jug that can hold hot water and strain it yourself afterwards as needed.

– 1 bag of spring dragon longevity tea (has six adaptogenic ingredients)
– 2T goji berries
– 1t reishi powder
– 1t chaga powder
– 3 squirts of Ginseng Sublime (you can use as little as 1 squirt)

Fill it up with hot water.
Steep for a few minutes and drink.

Keep adding hot water throughout the day over and over as each brew will release more goodness.

This is like a super mega ultra adaptogen tea! Using the best superfood tonic herbs of all time!!

If you only used any one of these items alone, you’d have a wonderful powerful tea.

I just one morning decided to put all in at once and it is super great! Really noticeable in energy, mood, and everything.

The tea includes the top superior tonic herbs that help all three of your treasures: Jing, Qi, and Shen.

You can mess around and add whatever else you want.

I added some Moringa powder to it a few times, not the greatest flavor but not bad.

I added some Triphala, because we had it lying around, really makes the tea taste terrible but healthier! I have since opted to not be that healthy any more.

Can add 1-2 black tea bags if you wish to get some caffeine.

Can add additional Spring Longevity tea bags if you like in later brews.

Can add green tea or other herbals you prefer. Not necessary, completely optional.

The possibilities are endless. I’m hooked on working with these tonic herbs and absolutely love em.