A Fun Divination Tool

October 12, 2017

This is something cool I recently discovered and wanted to share with you.

What you need:
A quartz crystal hanging on a string


any type of small weight hanging on a string, like your ring on a thread, or something like that.

If you hold that crystal or thing hanging from a string above the palm of your hand, it should start swinging clockwise.

If you do that over the back of your hand, it should swing counter clockwise.

It has something to do with the bioenergy of our hand or something, doesn’t really matter.

If it swings the way it’s supposed to, that means we’re good to go. If it doesn’t, maybe your energies are flowing backwards or you’re too stressed at the moment or whatever other reason. Drink some water, relax, and try again a little later.

We can use the clockwise swing to mean “yes” and counterclockwise to mean “no”.

I will ask a yes or no question in my mind and see which way the weight will swing.

Or I will hold a supplement in my hand to see if the answer is yes or no that I should take it right now.

Do I need fish oil right now?

Should I text my friend right now?

Should I write this blog post right now?
Yes. ;)

Should I drink coffee right now?

But what about some black tea?

Ok, then!

This is in a similar fashion as muscle/energy testing where someone tries to press down on your arm. But that takes two people to do.

It is like doing the solo energy testing where you make a circle with your fingers in one hand and try to break thru with a finger from the other hand. But that seemed too faulty and I felt I was influencing the decision.

Or then there’s the sway test, where you hold the item by your chest and see if your body leans forward (yes) or backwards (no). But that is too much effort and you’ll look like a nutso when doing it in front of others.

So, this new crystal on a string trick is fun and discreet enough.

Now some caveats.

I would not drink poison if the weight swung yes!

I wouldn’t start eating wheat/gluten if it swung yes!

I wouldn’t jump out of the window if it swung yes that I could fly!

Catch my drift?

I have only been using it for fun things like random questions and various supplements that are pretty harmless, like b12, fish oil, and some other things.

I picked up this idea to use a crystal on a string from one of Jean Haner’s books, Clear Home, Clear Heart. She uses it for energy clearing purposes.

I picked up the idea that you can use your ring or whatever else on a string from a book by U.S. Anderson, The Magic in your Mind.

People have been using various pendulums and such for divination purposes for a long time. So this is like that.

Oh yea, one more thing.

The power isn’t really in the crystal, but rather our subconscious mind. When we use a tool like this, it allows our body/energy/subconscious to override our mental/intellectual/chatter brain to give answers.

Give it a try! It’s fun.