Spring Dragon Gynostemma Tea

October 11, 2017

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

I’ve been drinking this herbal adaptogen tea blend for a week now. It’s got gynostemma leaf infused with five other adaptogenic herbs. Made by Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs.

Caffeine-free, though it can give you energy if you’re tired and calms you down if you’re stressed. That’s how dual-direction adaptogenic herbs are supposed to work.

Here’s a video that explains the ingredients, farming methods, and benefits of this gynostemma-based tea.

It costs a few more dollars to buy thru Amazon ($13) than thru Dragon Herbs website ($9), for a box of 20 tea bags.

But with amazon you get free shipping and fast two day prime delivery.

Dragon Herbs has minimum order of $75 to get free ship and it’s sent via slower UPS ground which can take 5 days. Plus DH takes 1-2 business days to process the order as well.

If you need it now and buying small amount, buy thru amazon. If you’re buying things in bulk and can wait a week, go thru Dragon Herbs.

I will say that the box art & colors were absolutely beautiful, even on the inside and each individual tea bag! Almost felt guilty tearing it open!

I read that Ron’s wife is in charge of all the artwork for Dragon Herbs. She did a fantastic job!

It’s cheaper and better to buy the tea through iHerb.

It’s cheaper than Amazon and DH. They also offer 10% off if you buy 3 of the same item, and additional 5% off if use the link above. iHerb also has fast UPS shipping.

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