Panax Ginseng

October 9, 2017

Asian (aka Panax) Ginseng is a powerful qi energy superior tonic herb.

The Chinese Ginseng is “warm” while the Korean Ginseng is “hot” in energy.

American Ginseng, on the other hand, is something different, which has a “cool” energy.

Each has importance depending on your specific needs.

Not all panax ginseng sold on the market is high quality. Most are junk. The cheap ones have a lot of fillers.

The all time best is wild grown ginseng from the Changbai mountain in China. Super expensive and very rare.

Next best is organically grown ginseng in Chinese mountain and Korea.

Force grown ginseng in some lab or local farm isn’t as good as ones that grow in pristine natural conditions around the mountain.

Ginseng root must be at least 6 years old before it becomes powerful and mature. Most ginseng products sold on market are 4yrs old or younger, and therefore not great.

The longer aged the better. 8-12 yrs old is very good. Some roots are 25yrs, 30yrs, and even 75yrs old. Those are super rare, ultra expensive, and very potent.

Panax Ginseng: The World’s Greatest Tonic Herb: more information.

Dragon Herbs Ginseng Products:
The top herbal company run by the top herbalist Ron Teeguarden.

I got their Ginseng Sublime drops, which has all three types of 6yr old+ Ginseng in a blend.

They also have House Ginseng, costing less and has 6yr old+ Red Ginseng. If you’re a baller, they have Wild Ginseng drops for $95 for 1oz bottle! And various other product blends.

Auragin Red Korean Ginseng (Amazon):
Looks like a good quality 6yr old root product grown in Korea by Americans. I’m also trying these out while waiting for my Dragon Herbs ginseng to arrive.

I had a chance to try both products, on separare days, and while I think Auragin may be a high quality ginseng made by well-meaning people, the Dragon Herbs Ginseng Sublime is light years ahead. It’s the difference between an Apple laptop vs a Dell laptop.

Auragin ginseng, from my brief research, is simply good quality korean red root powdered into a capsule. Meaning, the strength is 1:1.

Ginseng Sublime is an extract of multiple pounds of roots, thus more potent. I think their ratio is 8:1, meaning 8 pounds of roots produces 1 gallon of extract. Super potent.

When I took the Auragin korean ginseng, my heart rate did go up and I felt slightly more alert. But there was also the stomach burning sensation I typically get if I touch spicy food these days. Korean ginseng is categorized as a “hot” herb in Chinese medicine, the same category as chili pepper and items like that. I have a very sensitive gut and avoid all hot spices normally. So, there was discomfort.

With Ginseng Sublime, I felt my energy boost right away, and it was like a mental & physical high type feeling! I don’t want to overhype it but it was definitely noticeable right away. Zen, alert, happy, energetic, good mood.

Ginseng Sublime uses all three types of Ginseng. American (cooling), Chinese (warming), and Korean (hot). It is said to be perfectly balanced in energies, yin and yang. And I did not feel any discomfort in the stomach at all.

Ron Teeguarden is also the yoda of tonic herbalism, so his extraction methods and ingredient quality with Ginseng Sublime is likely to be unsurpassed by anyone. He probably has tricks of the trade that we don’t even know about, like a legendary sushi chef vs a new up and comer.

Lastly, they both cost similar prices. Ginseng Sublime is $39 (+ shipping if order below $75 total) for a liquid extract in alcohol, 2oz bottle. Auragin Ginseng is $39.99 (free ship) for a bottle with tiny tablets.

(Disclosure: Contains Amazon affiliate link. Thanks for your support!)