Dope Women: Ali Wong

September 20, 2017

There was a time when I was addicted to stand up comedy and watched every damn special out there. I watched the top folks as well as up and comers. Listened to every interview and podcast.

Lately, I just can’t seem to care much about specials or comedians, unless someone like Louis CK or Dave Chappelle drops a new one.

With that said, it was a pleasant surprise to see Ali Wong’s comedy special, Baby Cobra.

I’m out of that scene where I kept on top of comedians but I still somehow kept hearing rumblings of how great & popular Ali is these days. I recently heard Dave Chappelle talking about Ali being a monster and how even he was timid of following her.

So I watched.
The special is very good.

She’s funny. Smart. Real. Likeable. Sincere. Has a theme and common thread running thru all the stories. All of her stories make sense.

She was neither an Asian comic nor a female comic. She wasn’t a shock comic who only talks about sex. She wasn’t a political comic. She wasn’t an angry comic taking out her rage on the crowd. She wasn’t a one line comic, with a predictable joke structure that’s repeated the whole time.

Instead, Ali was simply a pure whole standup comic. One who has perfected her craft over many years. No gimmicks. A human telling funny stories.

Plus she mentions things I care about. Mushrooms, ayahuasca, Marie Kondo & clutter clearing, feng shui, the intense desire for self improvement, asian american’s perspective on things, relationships, and the perils of pooping in the work place!