Dope Women: Joy Taylor

September 19, 2017

Can I just say that this might be THE perfect podcast episode of all time? High praise, yes.

It’s so good that I don’t know how to describe it any better with words.

Joy Taylor, who I have seen as the moderator on the Undisputed sports show, is absolutely magnificent in this.

Smart, funny, insightful, high energy, clever, knowlegable, full of attitude, easy on the eyes.

It was that much more shocking because her role on Undisputed is to be like a quiet sports referee, to get out of the way of the two main guys debating. So, we don’t get to see much of her true personality there.

I had no idea she was this dope all along! She’s actually better than all the other popular sports talk guys.

I have a feeling she is just getting started and will be moving onto even bigger things in the near future.