Red Meat

September 14, 2017

Now that I’m eating red meat once again, and feeling fantastic, I got to thinking about the whole idea of red meat being bad for you.

Nearly every healing and health book/podcast/article in America, other than paleo folks of course, talks about being plant based. Even some of the doctors I’ve visited. Nationwide, it’s become the trend to be herbivores and I also lived from that assumption for a few years.

I had progressively given up meat until I hit the zero animal consumption level.

Yet my health wasn’t glowing like all the people talk about. It was slightly better than my junk food days but nowhere near my full capacity. And I was becoming weaker & famished long term.

Once I reluctantly added clean red meat and bone broths back into my diet, my health and vigor improved instantaneously, the same day!

Is red meat really bad?
I got to wondering.

Do the experts lump all red meat products into same category? I mean to say, in their studies, is a processed hot dog the same as grassfed organic humanely treated ground beef that you cook yourself?

Processed meat is not real food and organic grassfed meat is.

And also different people have different constitutions, living in different climates. They need to eat accordingly to those conditions. Do they test for that?

Eskimos living in an igloo probably wouldn’t too well on juice fasts, raw food, and plant based diets, right?

Do you know what I mean? I don’t have any answers, just wondering.

Ethically & environmentally, that’s a whole another topic.

Believe me, I would love it if I could simply breathe air and get all my nutritional needs met that way! But that’s not the way nature intended my body to work, it seems.

Lions, tigers, and wolves luckily don’t have these higher brain conundrums. They just eat and get on with their day.

Spiritually, from all my research and understanding, if all of the world is really an illusion and souls are eterntal, the dead animals are just fine in their transition.

It was as if waking from a dream. Just like someone playing a video game and their character had died. They just load up the game and play again, this time as maybe a different character.

Every soul knew the rules of the game when coming into this world and are unharmed even though their physical body seems to be.

We don’t mourn for the characters we run over with our cars in Grand Theft Auto!!


There are many spiritual masters who live on plants alone. This is true. I tried to follow their footsteps, but their lives are much different than ours.

Many of them are monks who don’t have spouses, jobs, nor do any type of physical exertion. They’re celibate. Live in a private compound and meditate five hours a day, live off charitabble donations, and have followers who take care of their other needs. Running errands, cooking, driving, and whatnot.

Temple living is quite different from regular living.

There are also normal regular folks who are completely plant-based, some are even raw foodists! Only raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables, all day every day. I have NO idea how they do it. Their path did not work for me. Maybe it’s genetics, I don’t know. Or maybe they are much more evolved than us.

In the end, you gotta follow what’s right for you and your body.

(This topic isn’t over. I’ll update later as I learn and discover more.)