About Astrology & Personality Tests

September 13, 2017

I was wondering about this recently, trying to think of a good analogy.

Let’s say I’m traveling outside of the country, maybe hanging out in a noodle shop in Vietnam, and one of the waiters asks me where I’m from.

I would say, I’m American.

That’s all the information he would need in that brief conversation to get an idea of what type of person I am based on my nationality. He would recognize that Germans, Russians, and Canadians all have their own quirks as do Americans.

Someone overhears my conversation and is all excited because she is also from America, and asks where I am from?

I would reply, Chicago. She would reply something like she’s from Colorado, and we would get along swimmingly.

As it turns out, her friend, who just returned from the washroom, is from Illinois also. Peoria, to be exact. But she’s been to Chicago plenty of times.

For this new person, I would clarify that I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, near Schaumburg. And she will reply that she has been there plenty of times, visiting the popular Woodfield Mall. And we would reminisce and laugh about our life back home.

On and on it goes, in matters of specificity.

A person in Schaumburg may ask which street I live in to get a better idea of where I’m from.

The postman needs to know my exact numerical address to deliver my mail.

My doctor needs even more information to know me, about my blood, urine, and heart rate.

The federal government needs a copy of my exact fingerprints to keep tabs on me.

All types of information will narrow down until there is enough information to distinguish me from the billions of humans who have ever lived and will ever live. There never has been and never will be another exact clone of me.

The same way, when someone asks for your astrological sign, and since there are only 12 of them, it is like asking which continent you are from. Oh, I’m from Asia. Oh, I’m from North America. And so on.

Surely, not everyone in North America looks or acts the same, but we share some similar cultural characteristics.

The same way, two Cancer signs may be very different, yet share some qualities that helps them form a kinship. They can commiserate about how they do not get along with most Leos or whatever.

Then we narrow that down.
What is your ascendant? Your moon sign? What houses are most of your planets in, and so on.

One Cancer may have Moon in Scorpio while the other has Moon in Aquarius, resulting in completely different emotional styles. One is much more emotional and sensitive while the other is aloof and detached.

The same deal goes for all the other personality tests out there. There are 16 types in Myers Briggs, and people of same type will have many similarities yet a lot of differences.

The point is that there is some fun and useful information gleamed from these personality tests yet it does not tell your whole story. And just because something doesn’t tell the whole story doesn’t mean it has no value.