I AM Affirmations

September 11, 2017

I had been searching for a list of I AM affirmations but could not find one that suited me.

So, decided to make a list of my own and sharing with you as well. Feel free to use and modify according to your needs.

I AM Powerful
I AM Victorious
I AM Successful
I AM Well Able
I AM Wealthy
I AM Super Healthy
I AM Perfect
I AM Wonderful
I AM Beautiful
I AM Super Rich
I AM Energetic
I AM Strong
I AM Confident
I AM Vibrant
I AM Youthful
I AM Abundant
I AM Love
I AM Peace
I AM Harmonious
I AM Going With The Flow
I AM Happy
I AM Joyful
I AM Handsome
I AM Sexy
I AM Worthy
I AM Prosperous
I AM Destined For Greatness
I AM Valuable
I AM Divine
I AM A Masterpiece
I AM Kind
I AM Generous
I AM Appreciative
I AM Calm
I AM Present
I AM Knowledgable
I AM Wise
I AM Inspired
I AM Creative
I AM Loving
I AM A Model Of Perfect Health
I AM Following The Right Path
I AM Flexible
I AM Smart
I AM Loved
I AM Focused
I AM A Winner
I AM Charming
I AM Fortunate
I AM Attractive
I AM Lucky
I AM Safe
I AM Protected
I AM Blessed
I AM Doing My Best
I AM A Master Manifestor
I AM Great
I AM Well Prepared
I AM Magical
I AM In Alignment
I AM Following My Purpose
I AM Content
I AM Satisfied
I AM At The Right Place, At The Right Time
I AM Whole
I AM That, I AM

(Too many inspirations to name, but the ones that stand out are James Twyman, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, & Joel Osteen.)