Buying Chakra Colored T-Shirts

September 7, 2017

Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

These are the 100% cotton red t-shirts I recently bought as an experiment to add more fire element in my life (according to Feng Shui/TCM) as well as activate my root chakra (according to Indian philosophy).

They cost only around $4 total, including free shipping!

These shirts come in every color under the sun, but for our chakra purposes, we will be focusing on just seven of the colors: ROYGBIV.

They fit perfectly and are super comfortable. I originally bought 3 red ones, 3 orange (for second chakra), 3 gold/yellow (third chakra) and 3 green ones (fourth chakra). Tried wearing different ones on different days.

I consistency felt the most energized and happiest on days when wearing red colors. So, I bought 7 more of these red ones!

And then three more red full sleeve cotton shirts for the colder days.
MJ Soffe Men’s Long-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt ($9.99)

I took a page out of Steve Jobs, President Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg, who wear the same things every day to reduce decision fatigue. If I like red and it makes me feel the best, I want as much red as possible without having to worry about doing laundry fast enough!

(The next experiment is to wear red colored underwear, since that is near the root chakra.)

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