Yang Healing Therapy

September 6, 2017

I really enjoyed the following article by Dr. L Wilson on the differences between Yin and Yang, and how to focus on Yang healing modalities for better health.

It’s a good summary of everything I’ve been learning about Chinese/Taoist philosophy.

The way I’m incorporating this philosophy is to go complete Yang in my life.

Wearing only bright red colors and some bright orange. Cranking up the heat in my room. Super bright lights.

Far infrared sauna. Loud music and other sounds. Bright yang colors & items in my environment. Also got a red light bulb for more redness as needed.

Eating all the Yang foods I can get my hands on, including the most Yang meat Lamb, and eggs, sea salt, beef, bone broth, root tubers, cooked veggies. Warm liquids.

No more cold and raw Yin food. No vegetable & fruit juices, raw fruits, salads, cold drinks, etc.

This method isn’t right for everyone of course, and needs to be personalized for your specific needs.

I’m very Yin due to personal constitution and past habits, living in a Yin house, in a Yin Chicago Fall/Winter environment, so I’m experimenting by tipping the scales at the other end to achieve balance.

Yin and Yang Healing