September 3, 2017

A long long time ago, in a faraway land, in another dimension, I had an interesting experience that is still fresh in my mind.

Before I get to that, do you remember this Star Trek TNG episode?

The one where the Enterprise keeps looping through an accident and everyone dies. Then the whole thing starts over again.

Eventually they start to realize that they’re stuck in some type of loop. By the time they figure out what to do, the ship crashes.

So, Data sends a cryptic message to himself, through the etheric field or whatever.

During the next loop, everywhere he looks, the number 3 pops up. No one has any idea what that means and they even start thinking Data must be malfunctioning.

Right before the next crash, he realizes what that clue means and saves the day.

The number 3 was a clue that was simple enough to send and something only he would be able to decipher. And he was the one steering the ship and could do something about saving everyone.

Something like that happened to me in a past lifetime.

It was about one hundred and eight lifetimes ago, I was hanging out with a girl.

The interesting bit of the story is that her dvd player kept flashing an odd message, where the time is normally shown on the device.

Every time I was there, the word ROOT would flash. It was so apparent that we started making a joke out of the situation. The darn clever thing would blink and flash ROOT over and over and over.

It was such an odd and vivid memory that it still sticks out in my mind, even after one hundred and eight lifetimes.

Now, a couple days ago, I wrote to you about how I discovered all my issues and symptoms were seemingly caused by one major imbalance.

An imbalance in my, yes you know it, ROOT chakra!