Finding Your Imbalance

September 1, 2017

In Chinese philosophy, it is said that everyone is born with some type of imbalance in their makeup.

The goal is to discover and bring that element back into balance, to live a harmonious life.

Since everything is connected, not only will that imbalance cause health issues in your body, but if left ignored for long, it will also affect all aspects of your life. Emotions, career, relationships, money, and everything else.

It may seem like a wild goose chase to figure out what the heck you are deficient in, and take it from a guy who has chased quite a few geese in his life, but that imbalance is quite simple to figure out once you know what to look for.

As a matter of fact, that imbalance is staring you right in the face every single day, as it gets worse and worse.

When your car leaks oil, you will see dark patches in your driveway.

The same way, your imbalance is leaving dark slick patches all around you.

Now don’t be alarmed, this is not a big deal, and there are always solutions.

In Chinese medicine, there are only five elements. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

One of those elements is causing most of the problems in your life. It is so imbalanced that it is even affecting the other elements.

Those five elements are represented by your twelve organ meridians. If you know which of your organs is constantly causing you problems, like the stomach for instance, you can backtrack to figure out which element is the culprit. In this case, that would be the Earth element.

You would then support Earth element through food, herbs, acupuncture, and even colors. You balance the Earth element in your surroundings using feng shui.

You may even choose to add more Fire into your life, because that supports Earth, according to the elemental cycle.

Or you can approach the problem another way.

Indian philosophy.
There are only seven main chakras. One of them is probably the main culprit causing all the problems.

You can figure out which organ is causing all the problems, look up which chakra represents that organ, and go from there. Adrenal problems are caused by root chakra issues.

Or take it from another angle. Reverse engineer your life problems and figure out which chakra is in charge.

Got money problems? Take a look at your root chakra. Relationship issues? Heart chakra. And so on.

Heal that chakra through chants, sound, food, color, visualization, crystals, or some other way.

Or you can approach the problem yet another way.

Your negative thoughts and poor food choices are causing all the problems in your life, as the late great Louise Hay would say.

Fix your thinking through affirmations, make better food choices, and the rest will take care of itself. Not loving yourself is the root cause of ALL of your problems, she would say to you.

Or we can take it to the simplest method.

Just pick and chant one of the powerful bija seed mantras. With proper care, water, and fertilizer, that seed will sprout and cure what ails you.

In my case, I figured out that my root chakra is at the root (!) of all my issues.

When in balance, I am more grounded, energetic, and financially prosperous.

When outta whack, I’m weak, spacey, floaty, and overly spiritual and not material at all.

I start behaving more like a spiritual monk because my top chakras are overactive, rather than a balanced human who also needs to take care of his material needs. We do live on Earth after all and not in the etheric clouds.

So, I added more root chakra colors into my life by wearing bright red clothes. Out with the other yin colors. Eating more root chakra foods. Added back clean meat products so that I can be grounded, rather than being fully vegetarian.

In TCM, my Earth element is outta whack. Stomach and mainly Spleen.

The cure, I decided, is to add more Fire into my life while supporting Earth at the same time. Also getting acupuncture treatments.

Not surprisingly, the outer environment in my house is also lacking in Earth and Fire! I’m fixing that with some Feng Shui adjustments.

(Coincidentally, noticed that the element associated with the root chakra in Indian philosophy is also Earth! Double bullseye.

Taking it yet to another level, found out that my astrological natal chart has zero Earth element and super low on Fire, meanwhile overly active intellectual Air. Triple bullseye.)

Also started loving and approving myself more, because that is the magical cure for everything. Writing out spiritual affirmations aimed at my specific problematic organs thanks to Louise’s work.

Corralling my thousands of daily thoughts to stay on the positive path, like a good sheepherder.

Blasting specific solfeggio and root chakra music.

Chanting some powerful bija mantras. That was the main thing that helped unravel this mystery.

Making major progress.

(Also carrying some root chakra stones for extra juice.)