Nine Star Ki (Chinese Personality Analysis)

August 31, 2017

In the West, we use things like Myers Briggs to learn more about our personality.

Almost all of us also know our astrological Sun sign, which gives us a glimpse into our main personality traits.

Some dive deeper into Western astrology by looking at the whole natal chart to get the full personality picture, which is my favorite method. You can look at your personal planets for a clearer view: Sun, Moon, Ascending, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The Chinese system also has their own way of figuring out your core energetic personality traits. It is known as Nine Star Ki.

I discovered it through Jean Haner’s Your Hidden Symmetry. I highly recommend this book as it was a very fun, enlightening, and revealing look at how the Chinese/Japanese analyze ourselves.

It’s based on the Chi (energy) of the world as you are born, which will be imprinted into your personality. Nine Star Ki is related to Feng Shui, I Ching, the five elements, and their magical nine square.

You will be assigned three numbers, the first one based on the year you were born and the second based on your month. I’m not quite sure how they derive the third number though.

The first number represents your core energetic personality. The second represents your inner emotional personality you revert to when under stress. The third reveals how you come across to others, as well as your strengths and weaknesses in this lifetime.

Since everything is cyclical, you can also forecast how your personal energy will be in the upcoming days, months, and years, depending on how the universal energies shift. You will be expanding, keeping level, or contracting. The circle of life.

I won’t go much more into the details because the book and other sites out there do a great job at describing it better.

Just wanted to share that this is another super interesting personality thing for people who are into this kinda stuff.

Your Hidden Symmetry: How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life

Nine Star Ki Article & Calculator

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