Tuning Yourself

August 22, 2017

Sometimes, I get out of tune.
I start going back to my old habits.

I’ll begin listening to a lot of sports talk, because it’s fun and addicting to hear the gossip, news, and debating.

I’ll surf pro-wrestling news and gossip sites. Because that is also very fun and I have a love of wrestling that began in my youth.

Then I’ll listen to wrestling recap shows, because that also, for some reason, is addictive. I’ll start watching the actual shows so that I can fit in when listening to the commentary later.

I’ll surf reddit gonewild. Because, well do I really need to tell you why?? It’s one of the greatest things ever, that’s why!

My old food cravings come back. I lose the motivation and willpower to regularly eat healthy meals.

On and on, one by one, the old bad habits pile on and make me lose my center.

Then I’ll stop doing the things that normally keep me in tune. Reading, writing, meditating, hanging out in nature, journaling, eating clean, positive thinking, drinking plenty of water, being clutter free.

My thinking becomes muddy. I lose my focus. I feel uncomfortable. That’s how I used to feel all the time back in the day, but once you’ve experienced being in tune, being out of it becomes rather irritating!

There are many ways to get back in tune, and one of the ways that I like is to listen to a talk or video by a person who is super tuned. Some type of master.

Just listening to their voice and looking at them, after a few minutes, will get me back into the flow of things as well. I become entrained to their high vibration.

One surefire way to clear my thinking, for example, is to listen to one of the Steve Jobs All Things D talks. That always works for me.

There’s no news, gossip, slice of cheesecake, or a pair of boobs that is better than the feeling of being in tune, lemme tell you!

Everything tastes better when in tune. Nothing is satisfying when outta tune.