The Power of Finishing

August 19, 2017

Starting is fun.
Reading a new book. Buying a new desk. Starting a fresh decluttering project.

Finishing is often a chore.
Somewhere along the way, the thing we started loses its luster. Some obstacles show up that stop us from proceeding.

For example, I bought a new tabletop desk from Ikea with separate legs. Unfortunately, the screws don’t go in all the way, even though they’re supposed to, and finishing this project will require me to use a power drill or something of that sort.

We have an old power drill, which I’m not sure works, but no bits to go along with it. So I’m stuck until I solve this obstacle and meanwhile, the table stays partially done.

There are many items like this in our lives that are almost done and everytime we walk by that thing, we’re reminded of unfinished business.

One thing I’m doing now is to use all my willpower and motivation to finish one of these types of projects. It could be as big as getting our broken dryer fixed to as little as removing clutter from bedroom floor and vacuuming.

As soon as I get the job to 100% completion, a big resevoir of positive emotions and energy flood my body. I become remotivated and momentum builds up to tackle more projects!