Ejaculate Less, Thrive More

August 17, 2017


Formula 1, numbers:
Ejaculate 2 or 3 times in every 10 sexual encounters, regardless of age or season.

Formula 2, season:
Every 3 days in Spring, every 15 days in Summer and Autumn, not at all in Winter.
A relationship also has its seasons.

Formula 3, age and strength:
Teens and twenties, twice a day for the strong, once for the weak.
Thirties: strong once a day, weak every other day.
Forties: strong 1:3 once in three days, weak once in four days 1:4
Fifties: strong 1:5, weak 1:10
Sixties: strong 1:10, weak 1:20
Seventies: strong 1:30, weak 0, not at all.

Formula 4, age:
Teens and twenties 1:4
Thirties 1:8
Forties 1:16
Fifties 1:21
Sixties+ 1:30
With the additional advice that men whose Qi is exceptionally strong must not repress themselves too long.