Low Serotonin, 5HTP, and Porn/Orgasm Addiction

August 14, 2017

One surefire way to know that you have low serotonin levels is when your sexual cravings are sky high, even when your body is famished and exhausted.

Your brain will keep sending signals for sex and you may find yourself surfing websites looking at erotica even though you don’t feel like it.


Because your body is lacking in good feeling chemicals, for whatever reason, and it is seeking to replace it thru orgasms.

I can take some 5HTP (200-400mg) and within 30 minutes to an hour, those feelings will go away and will feel satisfied. Sometimes I need to repeat that dose again later.

Different brands also differ in their results, the best I’ve discovered for me is Natrol 200mg Slow Release.

Next time you’re trying to abstain or trying the Taoist microcosmic orbit ejaculation control, yet the body is rebelling, it could be from low serotonin levels!

Your results may vary, of course, but from my experience there are no side effects from 5HTP, and I have taken gigantic doses before. You could also have other reasons for the issue as well, apart from low serotonin levels. You will have to figure out your body.

Another way to raise 5HTP naturally is to eat a protein rich meal, wait three hours and eat a plain baked potato (pure carb, no added protein). That should also do the trick but takes way more effort than taking the pills.

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