Solving Problems

August 13, 2017

What I’m about to say, you already know. The catch is to remember to do it the next time you have a problem.

Whenever there’s a challenge in your life, the solution to it comes when you don’t focus on the problem.

Whether that problem is losing weight, a long standing chronic illness, or some other thing like an annoying creaking door.

Let’s say you have severe depression. Let’s just say. The solution isn’t to read everything about depression all day long. Watch videos. Talk about it with yourself, your family, your friends, blog about it, read books about it, join groups with other depressed people and such.

Instead, the key is to focus wholeheartedly on its opposite: Well-being. Happiness. Joy. Feeling serene. Vibrant. Healthy.

It sounds super counterintuitive, I know, and I would not have believed it myself, but I experienced the miraculous escape!

I had heard of this principle for many many years before it clicked in. It’s one thing to know something intellectually, a whole another thing to put it into practice.

This thing sounds simple, of course, but it is a practice that takes all of your focus, faith, and willpower. You will have to keep focusing on well-being until the scales tip in your favor. This may take one week or a few months. No one knows but you. But it can be done and is worth it!

With each new challenge that pops up in your life, you will have to remind yourself to NOT focus on the problem, but rather to focus on the opposite, the solution.

You will naturally forget to do this and the normal human thing will be to try and tackle that problem with all your might and wrestle it into submission. That is not The Way.

I am getting better at this practice as the days go by.