Community Acupuncture

August 10, 2017

You may be used to traditional acupuncture, where you go to a chinese doctor, talk to him for a while, then lay down and he puts needles in you.

You lie there in a private room and listen to calming music. About 45 minutes go by, he comes back, and gives you some herbs to take.

That’s fine and well, and costs usually $75-95 in my experience. The herbs may cost an additional $15-$30.

I discovered another type of acupuncture known as community style.

In this style, multiple people are treated in the same room, in a relaxing couch with calming music, pillows, blankets, and whatever else to make you comfortable.

There are no long chats with the doctor, though he will talk to you about your symptoms. Everything he needs to know, he finds out through the pulses and tongue of course.

All of this streamlining means less cost for you and you can afford to get treated more frequently so that you can be healed faster.

With the traditional chinese doctor, I was going very infrequently, though it was helping me, because the costs were becoming too high. Remember, insurance doesn’t cover this type of healing treatments as of yet.

The treatment is the same in both scenarios, as needles are placed at same acupuncture points for what ails you, but the cost and experience are much different, with community style being around $20 per session, with a sliding scale where you can opt to pay more, compared to $95 I was paying with traditional acupuncture.

Community style is also more fun and relaxing. You’re not stuck all alone in a room lying down, which I never liked, but rather in a quiet peaceful room with other likeminded patients, sitting in a reclining chair, which is waaaaay better. And no herbs were recommended, so no extra costs.

This style is also perfect for folks without health insurance, because you can get treatment right away for the cost of two chipotle meals. No long waits and hassles like with western doctors, way less expensive, and you can bet your ass that acupuncture really does work, no matter what your illness, and makes you feel better asap, with none of the side effects that come with prescription drugs.

I’ve become a big fan of community style acupuncture!