Thoughts on NoFap + Taoism

July 27, 2017

I had tried the practice of NoFap (abstaining) many times with varying results. At first, it seemed impossible and the experiment ended very fast, if you catch my drift. I was Kramer.

The longest I lasted was around three weeks, and that took intense concentration and willpower.

On reddit and other places online, folks boast of abstaining for 365 days all the way up to 1000 days (if my memory serves me right).

Either they’re lying, they’re superhuman, or something else is going on. Maybe they are having sex with their partner and abstaining from solo adventures. I don’t know.

But the powers they speak of are real. More energy, confidence, vigor, and animal insticts come thru when I abstained. Some say that after seven days without, our testosterone levels reach their peak. Also, when we have a release, a lot of nutrients like Zinc are lost.

Abstaining for a month, a year, or even 1000 days seems like an extreme thing of course. The goal is to feel great as much as possible but also experience pleasure and release. A middle way.

Few days ago, I stumbled onto Taoist practices and that made all the sense to me.

According to them, when we have a release, we are losing vital chi energy in the form of jing. And it takes a considerable amount of energy for the body to remake those resources. Think that one release can create an entire human being, consisting of trillions of cells. That’s the power of our jing.

Anyways, the Toaists have a plan of course, to conserve our vigor, yet experience pleasure. The middle way.

The goal is to drastically reduce ejaculation, maybe one or twice a month, but also experience orgasms. Even though orgasms and ejaculations happen at the same time normally, those things can be separated. A thing known as ejaculation control and a thing of circulating sexual energy known as microcosmic orbit (it’s a mental practice of moving energy around the body).

They also have recommended schedules for release according to how strong or weak you are currently, your age, and also the seasons.

So, NoFap is an interesting idea but it is only one half of the solution. One cannot simply abstain forever. We need to transmute and transfer that sexual energy throughout the body, like the Toaists. And occasionally release as well.

This is a very cool thing!!

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