Only The Good Stuff

July 27, 2017

Selectively sifting for good feeling thoughts is a very important practice in our life. Something I’m perfecting each day.

The other day, something practical happened.

We have a big jar of stuffed olives from Trader Joes. I had been eyeing that thing for a while now, because I absolutely love giant green olives, but there’s just one glitch. It is stuffed with garlic (good for me) and also jalapenos (not good for me these days).

So there the bottle sat, in the fridge, mostly untouched, and teasing me everytime I opened the door.

Then I had the realization to apply selective sifting to the olives as well. What a simple yet effective breakthru!

I popped open the olives with my teeth, pulled out the jalapeno strip, and ate the rest!

These big boy olives went really well with my white rice + sardines + saute spinach combo!

Only the good stuff. That’s our motto! For thoughts, people, and now stuffed olives.