Forgive & Release

July 26, 2017

This practice is hardcore.

It’s not for the faint of heart. But when you are ready to do so, it yields MASSIVE results.

Over the years, we get tangled up spiritually with many of the people who have crossed our paths. We get attached to each other thru spiritual cords that can keep us from progressing further in life.

So, basically, we are going to forgive and release everyone from our past that we held grudges against.

Then, we are going to let them forgive and release us as well.

No no no, we don’t need to make any awkward phone calls or emails, this is (thankfully) a solo practice.

You can forgive and release mentally but I find it’s more effective if I write it down.

You can write down the person’s name and say that you forgive and release him. Then that person also forgives and releases you. I then write a quick thank you for what they taught me.

You can make this practice even more elaborate by wishing them well in all areas of their lives. Or just keep it simple and short. Whatever floats your boat.

You may be ok with the you forgiving them part but wondering, how could I have them forgive me in return? Isn’t that up to them?

This is where we get a little metaphysical.

In the big picture, everything is an illusion, a cosmic play. The real actors, our true higher selves, don’t hold grudges and things of that sort.

The other earthly human may still want to hold a grudge, but their higher self knows better and will gladly forgive and forget.

We are taking a little bit of spiritual liberty with matters.

Who cares?

It’s our practice and we can make up our own rules. In our story, everyone forgives us as we them.

When you are ready, go somewhere alone and try this out. It will make you feel lighter and happier right away.

(This practice is something I picked up from Cyndi Dale, I believe. Also partly from Edwene Gaines.)