Balancing Yin & Yang Energy of Food

July 25, 2017

According to yin-yang philosophy, green tea is very yin. The nature of yin energy is “relaxing”, “loosening” and also, “cooling”. However, when in excess, it can make you feel cold, tired, or even weak, which makes you more susceptible to infections in cold winter. When this happens, I naturally crave the opposite energy, something warm and “strengthening”, or “yang” energy. I would eat pressure cooked brown rice, warm and strong miso soup with root veggies, and some long-cooked bean dishes all day long during the winter, just to make a balance between yin and yang. I also “crave” some quick & vigorous exercise at the gym, which also gives me some warmth, and strength (“yang” energy). Usually with these self regulating choices, I would feel less cold and feel better. And now, I’m in “neutral”, yin-yang balanced state.

Yin Yang Energy in Food: Finding your Balance