About Loving Yourself

July 25, 2017

The cause of all disease and problems is a lack of self love, says Louise Hay.

I’m realizing more and more the absolute truth in that statement.

No matter what the issue, a life threatening disease, a chronic problem, or difficult relationships, loving yourself is the magic potion.


Well, when you love yourself, you will decide to stop eating junk food, because it hurts your body and mind.

When you love yourself, you’ll quit smoking and take care of those lungs.

When you love yourself, you’ll easily accept compliments, because you know you are worth it.

You’ll give yourself a break when you accidentally break a glass bottle. These things happen, you’ll think. Nothing to get worked up over.

You won’t beat yourself up when you get lost and go the wrong way. It’s ok, you’ll say to yourself. I’m not perfect, neither is anyone else. I like the scenic route anyways.

You’ll say yes when someone gives you a gift, instead of the old “no no no, I could never!”

You’ll say no when someone, especially one you care about, asks you to do something you don’t feel like doing. They’ll be all right, you’ll say, I gotta take care of my needs too. And right now I need to rest and recuperate rather than drive 20 miles to move a desk for that person.

You’ll clean up your room, because you deserve to feel good too, and have a beautiful home to live in.

You’ll toss out old clothes because you also deserve to wear fresh new ones. It’s not reserved only for the rich and famous.

You’ll stop watching the news and crappy shows, because it hurts your mind and gives you stress. And nightmares. You like peace and calm now.

You’ll buy fresh flowers for your home, because why not, they look nice and even though it costs a few dollars, you deserve something nice too.

You’ll break up with that person, who is not suited for you. You’ll stop hanging out with friends who pull you down. You’ll quit that job and look for a better one. You’ll stop binge drinking. You’ll stop gossiping and forgive others easily.

On and on, the list goes.

Loving yourself is the magical key that opens up all the wonderful things in life.