Don’t Look at Your Photos

July 17, 2017

Have you ever been to a party, had fun chatting with old friends and new acquaintances, reach home and look at photos the next day and notice things about people you did not see before?

You don’t even recognize yourself, or rather, you think you look kinda weird in the photo.

That’s because we don’t see each other in real life the same way a camera captures us in a photo.

In real life, trillions of unseen things are going on around us. Mood, ambiance, laughter, energy of the person, energy of the room, our energies, feelings in the air, hearts communicating with each other, and many many other unknown and unknowable things.

A camera can only capture maybe one percent of what was really going on, and merely displays it into a flavorless two-dimensional visual thing. All the feelings and mood have been wiped away.

The people look familiar, and so do you, but the way you see yourself in a photo is NOT how other people actually saw you that night.

In other words, staring at photos of yourself is 100% pointless. All you’ll see are flaws and regrets that don’t really exist.