I ❤️ Feng Shui

July 9, 2017

Feng shui is damn cool.
For real.

I had been doing various diy cures & rearranging furniture for many years without much effect; things I picked up from various books, videos, & blogs.

I was recently fortunate enough to have a proper experienced feng shui practitioner come into our home and holy cow, it was an amazing life changing experience.

First thing first.
There are many kinds of feng shui. Theres the BTB western style and the more traditional eastern compass style. There are few other types also but the above two are most common.

For example, Lillian Too, a famous feng shui author, practices the traditional method. Authors like Karen Rauch Carter practice the western BTB method.

I assumed BTB was ineffective because it is simplified, but boy was I wrong.

The main thing my BTB practioner did was space clear the entire home with tibetan chimes (and I assume she used mental inaudible mantras and intentions as well).

That is a HUGE thing that is very important and you can feel the difference afterwards in the atmosphere of your home. That alone is worth the price of admission!

If you simply rearrange furniture and whatnot without space clearing, I think the effects will be much less.

Next, she also “sealed” all the sinks/toilets in the house with some type of red potion blessed with buddhist mantras. This prevents chi from draining out of the house too fast.

The act of doing this, even though part of my brain was like what the heck is going on, was powerful. That ritual is imprinted in my brain everytime I use a sink or toilet.

Finally, she gave tips on decluttering and rearranging furniture to promote maximum flow, in every bagua/section of the house. This is something I was aware of but her fresh experienced eyes were better than my acclimated eyes. She also had tips I had never heard of before.

There was the giving of the red envelope ceremony along with a mudra/mantra combination used to increase the effectiveness of every cure. I think these techniques are also unique to BTB.

Since the consultation, everyone in the home has come alive energetically. Everyone else is a skeptic and I’m the main feng shui proponent, but the effects are undeniable.

Everyone also suddenly got the urge to clutter clear the entire home, something we couldn’t get anyone to do for more than a decade.

The transformation is still in progress, it’s only been a week and a half, and I definitely feel more comfortable and energetic in this home for the first time. So do our visitors, who don’t know what we did, but suddenly feel fresh and enthusiastic while hanging out here.