Marie Kondo

July 8, 2017

It’s all about throwing clutter out. That’s the main thing.

It’s not about moving, organizing, and storing all that clutter in different places. The problem isn’t poor organizational skills. Problem is too much junk in the house. So. Throw. Shit. Out.

Instead of focusing on what to throw out, which can be hard, decide which things bring you joy to keep. Hold each item in your hand to see if you feel that inner joy feeling. Throw out the rest.

Of course, keep the essentials that neither spark joy nor can be thrown out (tax papers and such).

Can declutter according to category rather than by room. Ie: Declutter all your clothes at one go rather than decluttering one drawer or one room at a time. (I don’t always follow this rule.)

Decluttering also applies to our digital world as well. Delete all that unnecessary email, apps, notifications, subscriptions, virtual friends, and other junk.

Outer clutter is a reflection of inner clutter. Clear the outer and the inner also becomes clear. Life changing.

I used to be clutter person who has become a tidy person. Now I can notice how a person acts, talks, and thinks and know if that person is a clutter person or not. Very obvious.

Holding onto things, way past their use, is a sign of lack of trust that your needs will be met in life. Lack mentality vs abundance mentality. Trust in life, toss out the unwanted, and make room so that new wonderful things can come in.